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01/29/21: Letter to 5/6 Families re: In-Person Learning

01/22/2021: Letter to USC Elementary Families

01/20/21: Letter to 5/6 Families

01/03/2: Letter to USC High School Families

12/18/20: Letter to USC High School Families

12/18/20: Letter to USC Elementary Families

12/07/20 Cancelled: Late Start on 12/15/20

12/04/20: High School (7-12) Rebel School Day Schedule -- Starts Dec. 7, 2020

12/04/20: H.S. Newsletter - December

11/28/20: Letter from H.S. Principal re: Distance Learning & Conferences

11/16/20: Letter to Families: Move to H.S. Distance Learning

11/06/20 Letter to Families re: Distance Learning/Hybrid Learning Plans

10/29/20 Letter to Families re: Nov. 13th Planned Flex Learning Day

10/23/20. JMC Parent Instructions

10/20/20 K-2 Letter re: iPads Now Going Home Each Night

10/13/20 Letter to Families re: Possible "Hybrid Learning"

10/13/20 "United We Mask" Video

9/30/20 Spanish Version: COVID Decision Tree

9/23/20 Letter about Distance Learning Day on 10/06/20

9/2/20 9th Grade Orientation Zoom Recording

9/3/20 H.S. -- First Day Schedule and Expectations

9/3/20 USC Learning Plan 2020-21

9/2/20 9th Grade Orientation Zoom Recording

9/2/20 7th Grade Orientation Zoom Recording

8/27/20 Kindergarten Staggered Start Information / Letter

8/27/20 Elementary Orientation Letter to Families (8/27/20)

8/21/20 K-6 Orientation Letter to Families

Orientation Letter to K-6 Families


8/20/20 USC 2020-21 LEARNING PLAN

8/13/20 IN-PERSON Learning Expectations: Teachers-Students-Families

8/13/20 HYBRID Learning Expectations: Teachers-Students-Families

8/13/20 DISTANCE LEARNING Expectations: Teachers-Students-Families

8/14/20 USC 2020-21 Learning Plan DRAFT

8/3/20 USC Letter to Families

7/30/20 MN Safe Learning Plan 2020-21 Overview

7/30/20 MN Safe Learning Plan 2020-21--Guidance for Schools

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