Global Children Care USA is a non-profit project dedicated to helping disadvantaged children in Bali and in India.

Global Children Care USA in addition to continuing our Bali project has recently been invited to work with rurally disadvantaged children India both Projects also will provide employment and training for local community members and teachers.

  • Our charity has been providing education and healthcare programs to children in Bali in South East Asia for the past thirteen years.
  • In that period, 10,000 children and their communities plus 13 rural village schools have benefited from our programs.

Thanks to the generosity of our volunteer staff, Global Children Care is able to run three small international centers in:

  • Mamaroneck, New York, USA
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Later we hope to establish a centre in India

Our Values

  • Global Children Care USA works with local village communities and schools. We assist them to enhance their capacity to educate and care for their children.
  • We provide employment and mentoring to local people in the communities we serve, in full respect for their religious beliefs, cultural values and customs.

Our Vision

We envision a world where all children have access to the education and healthcare they need to grow up to achieve their goals, live their dreams, and break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Our Mission

To continue to improve the lives of disadvantaged children in impoverished communities by providing them with access to high quality education and healthcare.