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Sight Words

Our Kindergarten students will be introduced to several sight words (aka "Passwords" in my classroom). These high frequency words typically cannot be decoded and will have to be learned by memory or "sight." Each week the students will be introduced to 3 new words. I will include a list of words for each month on this page. In addition, students will also be reading ten basic color words and number words zero-ten.
September Words: I, of, in, a, it, is, my, was, on, the, as, with, go, be, his 
October Words: at, or, from, to, had, not, like, but, by, he, were, all
November Words: come, when, an, here, this, their, her, said, can
December Words: me, for, if, where, do, some, you, look, would
January Words: one, see, so, what, two, people, them, other, more
February Words: up, down, will, we, want, into, out, who, your, are, they, which
March Words: she, good, then, many, these, no, and, there, time, give, little, been