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Book Club Orders

Each month parents will have the opportunity to browse the Scholastic Book Clubs flyers for books they may want to purchase for their child. I usually make the Firefly and Seesaw flyers available. There will be two options for parents who want to order books. The preferred option is to access the online ordering through the website below. Once you are on the site and enter our class code GN7JN, you will create a user name and password then order using a debit or credit card. After your first visit to the site you will only need to use your user name and password that you had created. Your order will be processed along with the other orders and will be shipped to school. I will also continue to send the paper flyers home each month and orders may be made by filling out the order form and sending it with a check written to Scholastic Book Clubs. If you are using this method of ordering, please send the order with payment in an envelope labeled with the student's name. I will distribute the books to those who ordered when they arrive at school.
Remember if you would like to purchase the books as a surprise or gift for your child, simply send a note or e-mail me and I will notify you when the order has arrived.