Welcome to preschool!  My name is Brooke Seggerman and I am an Early Childhood/Bright Beginnings teacher at Jefferson Park Elementary School in El Paso, IL. Our program here in El Paso is part of the El Paso-Gridley School District. We work closely with our B.R.I.G.H.T Start program which serves children from birth to three.  Our programs' emphasis and goals are to build partnerships with families so that a child's educational experience is the best that it can be. 
A child's work is play and that is exactly what each and every child does in my preschool classroom.  While playing, children learn pre-readiness skills to prepare them for kindergarten.  My classroom is based on the Creative Curriculum where we do many hands-on activities because that is the best way for a child to learn.  We enjoy taking multiple field trips throughout the year so that we gain field experiences.  We incorporate the Project Approach into our curriculum so that the children gain deeper understandings of things in a child's environment. 


A typical day day in preschool includes writing one's name, playing with toys, circle time, reading, playing outside, singing, rhyming, science explorations, snack, and having fun!

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