Our spelling pre-tests will be on Mondays, and our final tests will be on Fridays. 
Spelling homework will be sent home every Monday evening.  Please take a few minutes to check over your child's homework prior to sending it back to school. 

We do not spend a great deal of time practicing the weekly words during class.  It is important to spend a few minutes each night doing so.
This week's words include the following:  

my   try

 tried   ties

   light    might

use   rule

hair   color







Spelling Games

  • Enter in the week's spelling words and then on the second screen, there will be various games you can play using those words.  
  • Enter in your spelling words and click on spelling test.  The computer will read the word, use it in a sentence, and then you type in the word.  It will grade the test after you have done all the words.
Gamequarium Spelling Games