About Mrs. G

My name is Nicole Glacinski and I love being a third grade teacher!  I was born and raised in Schaumburg, IL.  My family and I live in El Paso and we are loving every bit of it!  I received my Bachelor and Master degrees from Illinois State University and love to learn.  This is my 13th year at EPG and my 10th year in 3rd grade.. 

My husband Dave is from Lexington, IL and loves football and building things in his garage.  Who knows, maybe he will help us out with a project or two this year.

We have two daughters- Avery and Ryen.  Avery is 6 and Ryen is 3.  Avery is in first grade at JP this year and Ryen is in preschool.
Some fun facts about Mrs. G

Favorite food: Buffalo Chicken, salads, tacos, anything off the grill! 

Favorite Restaurants: Panera, Chile's, Medici, Destihl, Thai House

Favorite drink:  Water and Strawberry Kiwi Snapple  :)
Favorite candy: Take 5 or Pretzel M&M's
Favorite holiday:  Thanksgiving
Favorite picture book:  Where the Wild Things Are

Favorite chapter book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Favorite Vacation:  Puerto Rico

Favorite subject in school:  math
Favorite Disney Classic movie:  Dumbo
Hobbies:  cooking, hiking, watching and attending football games.
Favorite Sport & Team:  Football...Go Buckeyes and Bears!

I love music!  It is on almost all day during the school day (even if you can't hear it!)  Maybe you will learn some new favorite songs this year.  I also love to sing- I CAN'T sing, but I love doing it!