Welcome to Hanoi!

Multilingual "Hello"

Dear new friends,

Welcome to Hanoi Moment. A website exclusively designed for you, new students to UNIS Hanoi. To help you out with your new move we have created this website that will tell you everything you need to know about UNIS and Hanoi. With content ranging from basic UNIS info all the way to in depth Vietnamese history this is the ideal place for any new student of UNIS Hanoi to go. And the reason you can trust us and use us as your go to guide is because we used to be one of you, a new student to this very school, and as anxious and nervous as you might be about your new home and school, we can assure you you'll be just fine. 

The United Nations International School of Hanoi warmly welcomes you, to its 74 nationality student body. Have a great time!

Your new friends,
Ellie, Zeke, Daniella, Manu