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  • TagMath Weekly Update September 28, 2018

    TagMath Weekly Update

    September 28th, 2018

    It is a beautiful day for mathematics!

    Welcome back from trip week.  I know you are all very excited to get back in the classroom.


    Weekly Awesome Students


    Detailed, Clear and Neat Work

    Parnika has been doing a great job of demonstrating clear and neat work.


    Move Between Conceptual Forms

    Marcelle has been working more to understand the concepts underlying the problem solving.  She has been expanding her knowledge to be more complete.


    Next Week In

    Grade 11 Math Studies

    We will continue our number and algebra unit by learning about accuracy and error. Then moving into new material on arithmetic sequences.

    Number and Algebra - 1.7, 1.8 Sequence and Series

    Grade 12 Math Studies


    We Finish our Geo and Trig unit and take the first part of the unit test on Thursday.

    ·       Geometry and Trig - 5.1 Linear Graphs

    ·       Geometry and Trig - 5.2 Trig Ratios

    ·       Geometry and Trig - 5.3 Sine and Cosine Rules

    ·       Geometry and Trig - 5.4 Applied Trig



    Weekend Challenge

    For Kids and Adults

    Find the number t and the digit symbolized by a in:  [3(230+t)]2=492,a04


    Interesting Mathematical Bits and Bobs

    Time doesn’t exist.


    Thank you for all of your focus and engagement in learning mathematics.

    Mr. Taggart


    Posted Sep 27, 2018, 10:08 PM by Cody Taggart
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