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Welcome to the UNIS Library!

The overall mission of the UNIS Library is to support the UNIS Hanoi academic mission to empower students to become effective and independent lifelong learners.
The UNIS Hanoi Library and its staff strive to:
  • Provide the widest possible range of timely curricular and recreational materials in appropriate formats to all members of the UNIS Hanoi academic community.
  • Ensure that students learn and practice information fluency skills related to the use of these resources.
  • Inspire critical appreciation of information and literature.
  • Encourage the ethical and responsible use of physical and virtual environments.

Library Policies

  • The library is open Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. It may be closed for special programs and events.
  • In addition to their information literacy lesson times, ES students may come to the library at lunch time to find books and read quietly. MS and HS students are welcome in the Library whenever they have free time.
  • Most of the time students are asked not to bring food or uncovered drinks into the library. When exceptions are made, such as during HS exams, students are expected to clean up any wrappers or other food garbage.
  • Everyone should use the library quietly and respect other users. If a cell phone is used, the conversation should not be loud enough to disturb others.

Circulation Policies
  • Books are normally circulated for fourteen days (two weeks).
  • Books may be renewed for additional two-week loan periods, unless a book has been reserved by someone else.
  • Lost books will be billed at the replacement cost of the book, plus a processing fee.

Useful Information

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Who We Are

Deborah Clinton
MSHS Librarian

Nguyen Thi Phuong
Library Resources Assistant
Monica Mayer
ES Librarian
Dao Thi Huong
MS/HS Library Aide
Le Bach Quynh
ES Library Aide

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