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Project goal

The LEAD project contributes to the development of new understandings of learning processes by exploring the links between human learning, cognition and technologies. The goal of the LEAD project is to develop, implement and evaluate conceptual models, practical scenarios and associated networked-computing technologies for effective face-to-face problem-solving discussions.

The LEAD project goal results in the following five operational objectives:

  1. To develop conceptual models of technology-enhanced learning during face-to-face problem-solving discussions.
  2. To develop a Discussion Support System for face-to-face problem-solving discussions.
  3. To develop pedagogical scenarios for effective networked-computing supported problem-solving discussions in semi-experimental or actual classroom settings.
  4. To develop and implement a method for assessing technology-enhanced problem-solving in the laboratory or actual classroom settings.
  5. To develop a method for defining information requirements for active support.