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Trace analysis with Tatiana

Trace analysis with Tatiana

13 July 2007

On July 8th, 2007,  the ARMINES St Etienne/Lyon team gave a first public presentation of Tatiana, a trace analysis and replay tool. This was during a workshop at the Ecole Thématique EIAH (see the program on http://eiah2007.imag.fr). Tatiana is designed to be integrated with LEAD's CoFFEE tools as well as with DREW, an argumentative discussion tool largely developed by the same team during the SCALE project.

After a quick presentation of replay, filters, categories, Rainbow and annotation concepts, the participants were invited to experience Tatiana using a short example based on a Drew chat+graph session.

You're welcome to experience the same example - download it from the Tatiana section of this site.

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