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LEAD software alpha released

LEAD software alpha released!


The release of the alpha version of LEAD’s collaborative software took place on May 31st. The alpha version was released under the code name CoFFEE. CoFFEE supports a range of collaborative learning situations in the classroom. The alpha version includes several collaborative tools, such as a threaded discussion tool, a graphical tool, a notes tool and a collaborative writing tool.

More information about CoFFEE can be obtained from LEAD’s national research coordinators:

France: François-Xavier Bernard / fxbernard@vjf.cnrs.fr

Italy: Luca Tateo / luca.tateo@fastwebnet.it

The Netherlands: Wouter van Diggelen / w.vandiggelen@uu.nl

UK: Shaaron Ainsworth / Shaaron.Ainsworth@nottingham.ac.uk