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CoFFEE is Open Source software and free to download and use. 

CoFFEE is governed by the ECLIPSE EPL license.

Version 5.3.1 The links below will open a new window Instructions
windows - full classroom version Run the .exe installation programs and follow the instructions. You can choose which components to install, as well as graphical themes.
What's new Here are descriptions of some of the more interesting changes made to the CoFFEE release.


Important: If you are upgrading and want to store old sessions and traces, please read the section below.


 CoFFEE 5.0

 We are happy to announce a new version of CoFFEE which is both suitable for education with prepared group sessions and business sessions with an unprepared approach. Version 5.0 now includes a collaborative real-time mindmapping tool , a document sharing tool and a shared drawing tool.

Even Newer!

CollabXMind Tool
Document Sharing Tool
Shared Drawing Tool
Activity indicators

New features (PDF Doc)


Newest features 

Interactive activation of new tools “on-the-fly”: now tools can be activated without being
planned in a step of a session and lie externally to the step structure (always active)
Support for geographical networks via virtual networks
Support for multiple network controllers (easy switch between wireless/wired, virtual
networks and such)  

New features 

"Fully anonymous" behaviour in the tools
New functionality "LocalDocs": share PowerPoint Presenation saved as web page and share documents with the classroom. 
New tool:  Integrated Internet Explorer 
New tool: Document browser 
Activity indicators (who is participating actively and who is not) 
Full anonimity mode 
Full documentation included 
One download for all languages 
Interface improvements 
Internationalisation fixups 
Bug fixes 
Spanish and Hebrew version now added (next to English, French, Dutch and Italian)
Possiblitiy to launch applets from each discusser.