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Seven-Lab (CHIM/08)

Head of Laboratory: Scipione Luigi

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Main research topics:

The research activities of the SevenLab group are mainly developed on three lines:

1 – Synthesis and biological evaluation of multifactorial Cholinesterase inhibitors, endowed with antioxidant, metal-chelating properties and with anti-aggregation activity vs β-amyloid peptide;

2 – Synthesis of anti-fungal agents belonging to azole class and s anti-biofilm agents to the classes of indole and cinnamic derivatives;

3 – Synthesis of indole and azole derivatives as anti-parasitic agents, in particular anti-trypanposomal and anti-Leishmanial compounds.

National and International Collaborations:

- Prof. Reto Brun, "Department Medical Parasitology and Infection Biology, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute", Basel, Switzerland;

- Prof. Louis Maes "Laboratory for Microbiology, Parasitology and Hygiene (LMPH)" Antwerp University, Belgium;

- Prof. Carlos Alberto Montanari, "Departamento de Quimica e Fisica Molecular" Insitute of Chemistry of Sao Carlos, Universiy of Sao Paulo, Brasil;

- Prof.ssa Ana Marisa Fusco Almeida, Department of ClinicalAnalysis, Sao Paulo State University, Araraquara, Brasil;

- Prof.Maurizio Botta, Dipartimento di Biotecnologie, Chimica e Farmacia University of Siena, Italy;

- Prof. Alessandro De Logu, Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita e dell’Ambiente, University of Cagliari, Italy;

- Manuela Bartolini, Dipartimento di Farmacia e Biotecnologie, University of Bologna, Italy;

- Prof. Stefano Alcaro, Dipartimento di Scienze Farmacobiologiche University "Magna Græcia", Catanzaro, Italy;

- Dott.ssa Giovanna Simonetti, Dipartimento di Sanità Pubblica e Malattie Infettive, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy.

- Prof.ssa Marta Feroci, Dipartimento di Scienze di Base e Applicate per l’Ingegneria, “Sapienza” University of Rome, Italy.



SevenLab is equipped for traditional chemical synthesis and has free access to microwave assisted chemical synthesis instrument. The lab is also equipped for purification with chromatographic techniques including flash and HPLC) and for spectroscopic characterization of synthesized compound (FT-IR, UV-Vis, LC-MS) and has access to Department NMR instrument.

ERC panels:

LS6_11 - Prevention and treatment of infection by pathogens (e.g. vaccination, antibiotics, fungicide)

LS6_7 - Microbiology

LS7_3 - Pharmacology, pharmacogenomics, drug discovery and design, drug therapy

Grants (2015-2018):

Anno 2016 - progetto di Ateneo- New azole derivatives as antifungal and antiprotozoal agents;

Laboratory Members*:

Bortolami Martina (PhD student)

Bosso Francesca (student)

Foggia Federico (student)

Pampena Fabiola (student)

Bonome Chiara (student)

Farrocco Eleonora (student)

* scholarship holders, Ph.D. students and fellowship holders

Publications (2015-2018):

1. Poongavanam, V.; Corona, A.; Steinmann, C.; Scipione, L.; Grandi, N.; Pandolfi, F.; Di Santo, R.; Costi, R.; Esposito, F.; Tramontano, E.; Kongsted, J.

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DOI: 10.1039/c7md00600d

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