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Mass Spectrometry Laboratory (CHIM/03)

Head of Laboratory: DE PETRIS Giulia
Sito web:

Main Research Topics:

Gas-phase ion and neutral chemistry: ion-molecule reactions as simple models for bond activation reactions relevant to catalytic processes occurring at the active sites, such as single-atom catalysis; detection and characterization of new radical and neutral species relevant to inorganic chemistry and atmospheric chemistry; measurement of thermochemical data and kinetic rate constants; studies of multiply charged ions undergoing bond-forming chemical reactions; analysis of pollutants in air and water samples; studies of the decomposition routes of biomasses relevant to the formation of platform molecules. 

National and International collaborations: 

Prof. M. Rosi, University of Perugia 
Prof. A. Ricci, University of Campania L. Vanvitelli 
Prof. P. Tagliatesta, University of Rome Tor Vergata 
Prof. Y.-H. Ding, Jilin University of Changchun
Prof. K. Kirchner, Vienna University of Technology              


Double-focussing mass spectrometer ZabSpec oa-TOF; linear ion trap LTQ-XL ThermoFisher; ion trap AmaZone Bruker; triple quadrupole CG Quattro Micro Waters; mass spectrometer tandem Q-TOF Waters Ultima; mass spectrometer MALDI-TOF Voyager DE (Perspective Biosystem) equipped with a N2 laser by Spectra Physics VSL337ND; GC Clarus 500 (Perkin Elmer) equipped with a FID detector; mass spectrometer Clarus 500 (Perkin Elmer). 

ERC Panels:

PE4 - Physical and Analytical Chemical Sciences: Analytical chemistry, chemical theory, physical chemistry/chemical physics
PE4_12 -Chemical reactions: mechanisms, dynamics, kinetics and catalytic reactions
PE4_2 -Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques


Laboratory Members:

Giacomello Pierluigi (FP)
Pepi Federico (AP)
Troiani Anna (R)
Salvitti Chiara (postdoctoral fellowship holder)

Pubblications (2015-2018):

1. A. Troiani, M. Rosi, S. Garzoli, C. Salvitti, G. de Petris 
Iron-Promoted C-C Bond Formation in the Gas Phase. 
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 14359 (2015) 

2. F.-F. He, S.-M. Gao, M. Rosi, G. de Petris, Y.-H. Ding Monocyclic and bicyclic CO4: how stable can they be?
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3. A. Ricci, B. Di Rienzo, S. Piccolella, F. Pepi, S. Garzoli, P Giacomello 
Acid Catalyzed Glucose Dehydration in the Gas Phase: a Mass Spectrometric Approach. 
J. Mass Spectrom. 50, 228 (2015) 

4. A. Ricci, B. Di Rienzo, F. Pepi, A. Troiani, S. Garzoli, C. Salvitti, P. Giacomello 
A mass spectrometric study of the acid-catalysed D-fructose dehydration in the gas phase. 
Carbohydrate Research413, 145 (2015 ) 

5. S. Garzoli, A. Pirolli, E. Vavala, A. Di Sotto, G. Sartorelli, M. Božović, L. Angiolella, G. Mazzanti, F. Pepi, R. Ragno, Multidisciplinary Approach to Determine the Optimal Time and Period for Extracting the Essential Oil from Mentha suaveolens Ehrh 
Molecules20, 9640 (2015) 

7. F.-F. He, S.-M. Gao, M. Rosi, G. de Petris, Y.-H. Ding
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8. A. Ricci, F. Pepi, P. Cimino, A. Troiani, S. Garzoli, C. Salvitti, B. Di Rienzo, V. Barone 
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Journal of Mass Spectrometry 51, 1146 (2016) 

9. A. Troiani, M. Rosi, S. Garzoli, C. Salvitti, G. de Petris
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10. S. R. M. M. de Aguiar, Ö. Öztopcu, A. Troiani, G. de Petris, M. Weil, B. Stöger, E. Pittenauer, G. Allmaier, L. F. Veiros, K. Kirchner
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Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 876 (2018)

11. A. Troiani, M. Rosi, S. Garzoli, C. Salvitti, G. de Petris
Sulfur Dioxide Cooperation in Hydrolysis Reactions by Vanadium Oxide and Hydroxide Cluster Dianions.
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12. L. Antonini, S. Garzoli, A. Ricci, A. Troiani, C. Salvitti, G. Giacomello, R. Ragno, A. Patsilinakos, B. Di Rienzo, F. Pepi 
Ab-initio and experimental study of pentose sugar dehydration mechanism in the gas phase. Carbohydrates Research, 458-459, 19-28 (2018).