The Dept. of Chemistry and Technology of Drugs was created on March 2008 by combining the Depts. of Medicinal Chemistry and Technology of Biologically Active Substances, belonging to the Faculty of Pharmacy. At present, the Department is part of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine and it is spread over three buildings: CU019, CU020 and CU032 located in the southwest of the campus University.
The DCTF is part of the Chemical Sciences macro area (Area 03). Its research mission is devoted to the promotion of chemical, pharmaceutical and food technologies. This goal will be accomplished by promoting and coordinating the several interdisciplinary Department research lines and national and international collaborations with other Universities, research institutions and large, medium and small enterprises. The research groups activities are focused around the following topics: the design, synthesis and characterization of new biologically active molecules; new pharmaceutical forms, foods and nutraceutical characterization, cosmetics, biocides and medical devices, the development of biosensors and the gas phase studies. Furthermore, the Department aims to contribute to the expansion of knowledge in the field of basic research, a primary cultural investment to set up qualified research aimed to pave the way to give rise to an effective technological transfer.
The Department has been selected among the 11 'Departments of Excellence' for Chemical Sciences in Italy (2018-2022) by MIUR (Ministero dell'istruzione, dell'università e della ricerca).