Monday June 29th - Saturday July 4th , 2015, Sardinia, Italy

Organization, contacts and info


STEP3 Director: Prof. Marino Bonaiuto (CIRPA, Sapienza Università di Roma, Italy)

STEP3 Vice-Director: Prof. Ferdinando Fornara (CIRPA, Università di Cagliari, Italy)

CIRPA – Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Psicologia Ambientale

Sapienza Università di Roma - Via dei Marsi n. 78, 00185 Roma

info@cirpa.it               www.cirpa.it

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STEP3 Honorary President: Prof. Mirilia Bonnes

STEP3 Scientific Committee is based on CIRPA


STEP3 is the Third Summer school on Theories in Environmental Psychology, to be held on the Sardinia island, Italy, from June the 29th to July the 4th, 2015.

It is the third edition of an international scientific and educational event, previously hosted in the Netherlands (University of Groningen, first edition, 2009) and in Denmark (University of Aarhus, second edition, 2012). STEP3, as the two previous similar events, has the Patronage of IAAP Division 4 - Environmental Psychology.

STEP3 is organized by CIRPA (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca in Psicologia Ambientale - Center for Interuniversity Research in Environmental Psychologywww.cirpa.it), through the Head Office at Sapienza University of Rome (Department of Psychology of Development and Socialization Processes) together with the Local Office at the University of Cagliari (Department of Education, Psychology, Philosophy).

It has received the important Patronage of The Universities for EXPO 2015 Scientific Committee of Milano Municipality; many other patronages and/or sponsorships have been or will be requested.

It will feature the participation of about 50 PhD students (and/or graduate students and/or post-docs) and about 5 to 10 well-known scientists, all people with environmental psychology background and selected all over the world on the basis of their CVs. The students will be supervised by the renowned scientists. The main scientific area is environmental psychology, namely the discipline studying people-environment relationships, person-place reciprocal influences, and the crucial human dimensions and human factors helpful for sustainability, with interdisciplinary attention.

The event's structure is based on 5 groups, each one comprising 10 young researchers (typically but not necessarily PhD students) coordinated by one or two well-known scientists. A student's background in psychology, and particularly in environmental psychology, is highly preferable and recommended. In fact, each workshop focuses on a concrete relevant sustainability problem, thus realizing 5 workshops, each one lasting one week with daily work. The workshops are organized as parallel sections, besides some plenary sessions. 5 main partner sponsors are envisaged, one for each workshop. Each workshop partner sponsor's main role is to offer patronage and sponsorship for the workshop's week, formulating a specific theme problem which has to be real and relevant for its own organization and business. This is achieved via some preliminary contacts with the STEP3's Organizers and with the specific workshop's coordinators. Then STEP3's first day (Monday 29 June 2015) features a brief presentation by each workshop's partner sponsor to the workshop's members, in order to introduce the theme or problem, so that during the week the team can develop a research project proposal to address the specific theme or problem. On STEP3's last day (Saturday 4th July 2015) each workshop gives a plenary presentation about its own results, addressing both the audience and the workshops partner sponsors’ representatives.

Finally, if a workshop partner sponsor agrees and finds it useful, a site visit could be realized separately for each workshop, either at the workshop partner sponsor organization's place, or at an agreed site selected to be helpful in order to introduce the specific theme or problem. Such a field visit could be realized during one of the days immediately before STEP3 (perhaps one of the days between June 26-28, 2015), provided the place to visit can be reached within one-day’s travel from the STEP3 venue. The possibility of such visits will be assessed by the Organizers according to the sponsors' opportunities. A half-day Italian or International round table is also planned to be organized ideally the day of the STEP3's official closing, in order to present its results but also to offer an opportunity for a broader discussion on related themes.

Moreover, the following week (6-10 July 2015) workshops' results could be presented in Milan at a round table as a parallel satellite event to the European Conference of Psychology (www.ecp2015.it), possibly inside the EXPO2015. Presently, negotiations are in progress in order to establish the best way to realize this follow-up event, in agreement with the EXPO Scientific Committee. All STEP3 participants are of course warmly suggested to consider their participation in the ECP2015 given the thematic, but also the temporal and spatial synergy among the two events: in fact, the fastest Sardinia-Milan connection is a direct 1-hour flight, which can also be found at low cost rates. Further information about ECP2015, EXPO and STEP3 synergies can be requested at info@cirpa.it