Stefano Ricci

Department of Civil Environmental and Building Engineering (DICEA), Sapienza Università di Roma

Via Eudossiana, 18 - 00184 Roma

Area Trasporti, 3rd floor, office n° 8
Tel: +39.06.44585144  (internal: 25144)

Mob: + 39.345.2507997

Fax: +39.06.44585144

Stefano Ricci
Civil Engineer - PhD in Transport Engineering
Associate Professor at Civil and Industrial Engineering Faculty of Sapienza Università di Roma.
Chair of Transport Engineering Education Area.
Lecturer of Railway Engineering and Maritime Transport for Master Degree in Transport Systems Engineering.
Lecturer of Transport Sciences and Economics for Degree in Civil and Environmental and Land Use Engineering and Master Degree in Environmental and Sustainable Development Engineering (Pole of Latina).
Lecturer of Basics of Railway Sciences and Economics and Passengers and Freight Terminals for the Post-Master Specialist Course in Railway Infrastructures and Systems Engineering.
Responsible of International and National researches, particularly in railway and maritime engineering sectors.
Editor in Chief of IF - Ingegneria Ferroviaria, International Transportation Science and Economy Journal.
Author of more than 150 scientific papers.