Owing to the recent advances in experimental mechanics novel materials, with unique mechanical properties and the ability to respond to external stimuli, are constantly being developed. Such a fecund experimental framework continuously demands new models that account for features such as multi-physics coupling, material instabilities, growth and remodelling as well as extreme slenderness or thickness.

Within this framework, the Workshop will offer a broad overview of novel findings in solid mechanics from both theoretical and experimental perspectives. The final goal of the meeting is to foster new ideas and promote genuinely new collaborations by gathering together young researchers from all over Europe.

Topics of the workshop are research in solid mechanics including linear and nonlinear elasticity, wave propagation problems, phase-fields modelling with applications in material science, biomechanics, engineering and industry.

The topics include but are not limited to:

• Materials:

(electro-, magneto-, ...) active


innovative composites

shape memory

micro- and nano-structured

• Advanced experimental techniques

• Advanced numerical methods

• Growth and remodelling

• Instabilities

• Multiscale modeling

• Variational methods