Michele Ortolani

Department of Physics

Sapienza University of Rome

P.le Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome, Italy

Nuovo Edificio Fisica (Fermi Building), 4 floor, room n°403
Tel.: 06-49913496  (interno: 2-3496)

E-mail (official): michele.ortolani@uniroma1.it
E-mail (research): michele.ortolani@roma1.infn.it


The experimental physics research activity of Dr. Michele Ortolani is focused on terahertz, far-infrared and mid-infrared spectroscopy and spectroscopic imaging with advanced experimental tools:

- Infrared synchrotron radiation and infrared free-electron lasers;
- Quantum cascade lasers and quantum-well sources and detectors;
- Spectroscopy of solids at low temperatures and low electromagnetic frequencies;
- Scanning near-field infrared microscopy and related nanofab developments.

Previously, Michele Ortolani has coordinated a ‘FIRB – Futuro in Ricerca’ project (Young Investigator research grant of the Italian Ministry of Research) for 4 years at IFN-CNR on the integration of terahertz antennas into microelectronic devices for the study of two-dimensional plasmons. 

Michele Ortolani was the Principal Investigator of a 1-year User Proposal at the Molecular Foundry, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories (USA) for the development of novel plasmonic devices. He is also responsible for external user projects at Helmoltz Zentrum Berlin and Helmoltz Zenturm Dresden-Rossendorf.

At present, Michele Ortolani is the head of a research unit of GEMINI - Gemrnium Midinfrared Plasmonics for Sensing, an FP7 FET-OPEN project on semiconductor photonics. He teaches physics at Sapienza University of Rome has been the supervisor of many bachelor students, 4 master students, 2 PhD students and 3 post-doc researchers.

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