Francesco Romeo
Associate Professor - Solid and Structural Mechanics

Dept. of Structural and Geotechnical Engineering

Sapienza University of Rome

Via A. Gramsci, 53 - 00197 Roma

Edificio C, 1° piano, stanza n° 13
Tel.: +39 06-44589235  (int.: 29235

Fax: +39 06-49919192


Courses taught: 

  • Statica e Teoria delle Strutture -  CdL Architettura UE
  • Mechanical models and prototypes, Product Design Studio 2 - MSc in Product Design

Research interests:

  • dynamics of linear and nonlinear periodic structures; applications to mechanical systems and oscillatory chains;
  • dynamics of parametrically excited structures; applications to parametric pendulum on sea waves and stability of non-autonomous systems.
  • structural identification and control; applications to linear and nonlinear dynamical systems.

Educational projects: