HISTory of ELectro-technology CONference

The origins of electrotechnologies

5 - 7 September 2012
Pavia, Italy

HISTELCON 2012, the 3rd in its series (after HISTELCON 2008 in Paris and HISTELCON 2010 in Madrid), is organized by IEEE Italy Section, IEEE Region 8 and the Research Centre CIRSTE operating in the Museum of Electrical Technology at the University of Pavia, in conjunction with the ninth Historical Conference held by the IEEE History Committee and the IEEE History Center.

Conference objectives

HISTELCON 2012 aims to increase the understanding of the origins and of the early developments of electrical technologies - in particular of telecommunications.  

            Original and innovative contributions are invited in areas including, but not restricted to:

            Origins and early developments of electro-technologies

            Milestones in different fields of electro-technology, both early and modern

            Scientists and Technologists involved in the above

            Museum items and educational methods illustrating the above

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