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Professor, Physics Department, Pisa University                                                              
Phone: +39-050-2214-860

- Research topics: Terahertz Photonics, Graphene and Related 2D
  Materials, Quantum Cascade Lasers, Intersubband Polaritons, Optomechanics

- Publications: scholar google , arpi

Research interests
The activity of my group is mainly devoted to the realization of THz photonic devices. After the demonstration of the first ever THz semiconductor heterostructure laser in 2002, our latest developments include the first THz detectors in semiconductor nanowire and graphene field effect transistors.  On the fundamental physics side, we investigate the modification and control of light interaction with intersubband transitions in structures with strong photon confinement, observing the formation of intersubband polaritons and studying their electrical and optical manipulation. Recently my group implemented the first experiments of coherent absorption control in a polariton system and in graphene.

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