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Professor, Physics Department, Pisa University                                         
E-mail: Phone+39-050-2214-840                                             

- Research topics: Quantum Optics; Classical Electrodynamics;
  High Intensity Laser-Plasma Interaction

- Publications: (link to arxiv, SPIRES or whatever)

Research interests

The research activity focuses on laser-matter interaction at high-intensity, ranging from Inertial Confinement Fusion to Laser-Plasma Acceleration (electrons and ions). Secondary radiation sources, related to the two physical processes mentioned above, are also studied and realized. They are sources of electromagnetic radiation (Thomson Scattering, Betatron Radiation, Transition Radiation) and particles (positrons, neutrons, ...). The activity is developed through a network of national (INFN, ENEA, INO, LENS, ...) and international (Ecole Polytechnique, CEA-Saclay, CELIA-Bordeaux, RAL, QU Belfast ...) collaborations. These collaborations are consolidated by the inclusion in those laboratories of graduate and doctoral students(now researchers or lecturers) formed in Pisa under the guidance of Prof. Danilo Giulietti.

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