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FUSO Francesco

Professor, Physics Department, Pisa University                                                                      
Phone: +39-050-2214-305

- Research topics: Nano-optics, Nano-photonics, Optical
  Near-Fields, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Laser Manipulation,
  Photonics, Plasmonics

- Publications: scholar google , arpi

Research interests
My prominent present interests are in nano-optics and nano-photonics, in particular in the analysis of optical properties of materials and nanodevices at the local scale. I develop and operate a variety of scanning probe microscopies, including optical near-field nanoscopy with polarization-modulation, aimed at investigating nanostructured materials, plasmonics systems, surface roughness of micro-fabricated components, biological specimens.  I am involved as well in technological applications of laser manipulation, including the production of focused ion beams through ionization of laser cooled atom beams, and in experiments of in-cavity opto-mechanics.

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