Tentative program (version 2)
  • 9.00 Opening, presentation of the CINI working group, European High-Performance Computing EuroHPC JU initiative, European Processor Initiative
  • 10.00 Coffe break & Poster session
  • 10.30 Session 1
Giorgi            UNISI    DataFlow based HPC at the University of Siena
Aldinucci        UNTIO    The parallel computing group at UNITO and the HPC4AI centre
Babaoglu        UNIBO    Cognified High-Performance Computing
Fornaciari       POLIMI    HEAP Lab group presentation
Cosenza         UNISA    Celerity: High-level C++ for Accelerator Clusters
Spagnuolo      UNISA     Presentation of research team
Clematis        IMATI/CNR GE    IMATI Genova parallel and distributed programming Team Description
Silvano           Polimi    Tools and Technologies for Efficient HPC systems: A PoliMi Perspective
Bartolini       UNIBO    Technologies for efficient HPC computing systems and datacentres
Cilardo          Federico II    Technological building blocks for emerging HPC architectures
Cavazzoni     CINECA    A  leadership HPC facility for italian computational science (+MaX)
Celino           ENEA    ENEA HPC infrastructure and the CRESCO clusters      
Fazio            UNIME  Unime activity presentation

  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 13.00 Session 2
D'Ambra       IAC-CNR NA    High-Performance Computing at IAC-CNR
Montecchiani  UNIPG    Information Visualization and Distributed Computing
Leporati       UNIPV    High Performance Computing at the University of Pavia
Buzzicotti       Roma Tor Vergata    Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flows at the University of Rome Tor Vergata
Vella   UNIBZ    LACS group
Fantozzi       UNIPD    The Advanced Computing Group at the University of Padova
Calore        UNIFE    Research activity at UNIFE
Benacchio   POLIMI Escape-2
Beccuti       UNITO    Quantitative Biology (q-Bio) group
Torquati       UNIPI    Parallel programming models group @ UNIPI
De Martino    Unicampania    University of Campania group description
Gervasi       UNIPG    HPC Lab, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Perugia
Spampinato      UNICT    Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision Laboratory | PeRCeiVe Lab
Vicini           INFN    INFN APE Group: team description
  • 15.30 Coffe break & Poster session
  • 16.00 Industrial Session
E4, HP, Do IT, ENI, Links

  • 16.30 Working group perspectives & Project perspectives (general discussion)
  • 18.00 Closing


  • if you want to attend the workshop, please send ASAP an email to iwshpc19 AT, with Subject "WS Attendance" with your name and institution in the message body (the list of names, in case of more persons from your group).
  • We used the submission author or the first author for the list above. In case of different presenter, please send us an email at the address iwshpc19 AT
  • Presenters of the group activities are kindly requested to prepare maximum 5 sldies (group composition, research interests, main achievements and past/current projects related to the workshop themes) and to use 5-6 minutes max originally asked in the acceptance message. In case you want to update the document on the esaychair, you can upload new versoins up to the workshop week.