Our Traditions

Moravians enjoy many rich traditions 

Christmas eve will find many people gathering for a lovefeast and candle lighting Service.  Moravian sugar cake and apple juice are served.  We eat as a community and enjoy music provided by our choir or guitar group.  This is followed by the handing out of bees wax candles  wrapped with a red taper.  The purity of the wax signifies Jesus purity, the red represents his blood and the light reminds us that he has come to be the light of the world.  We end with singing Joy to the World and hold our candles high.  

Other special occasions will see us join together for a lovefeast as well.

On Easter there are two services.  The first is an Easter Dawn service.  We begin inside and then move to our cemetery and stand by the most recent grave.  If the weather is right we finish our service in time to watch the sun rise. Reminding ourselves of the resurrection and empty tomb that morning long ago.