Girls Lacrosse


When you make a decision to become part of a team, your teammates and coaches essentially become your extended family.  Your teammates become the girls who encourage and challenge you to reach your greatest potential every game and practice.  Your teammates also become the girls who care about you and support you when things become difficult.  Perhaps most importantly, your teammates become the girls who make you smile and laugh.

2017 Roster
Chynna Adorno
Christina Bubniak
Amanda Scheidemann
Bridget Murphy
Kayleigh Kelly
Alysa Rivera
Emily Duggan
AShley Ferrigno
Catilin McDermott
Deirdre Kelly
Gabby Welle
Alyssa Thompson
Julianna Sevillano
Tatyana Mercado
Tori Hayes
Carrie Bree
Tabatha DaSilva
Mary Brezik
Karen Dugnan
Coral Briber
Lauren Power
Cara Anderson
Lily Herlander
Dajah Jean-Charles
Briana Pagan
Briyanna Horlacher
Hannah Crisifulli
Maggie Lapolla
Chelsea Alves
Cara Leegan
Catherine Tangreti
Emily Sweeney
Jordan Mamouzette
Grace LoStuto

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