I would like to welcome you and your child to Western World Geography—a fascinating course that I am excited to be teaching! Please consider getting involved in your child’s education throughout the year. By doing so, you can help your son or daughter succeed and maybe even enjoy learning something new yourself.  The more we all know about the world around us the more we can make sense of events happening in the world today.


My goals for the course are to help your child:

  • Learn about the people, places, and cultures of the Americas and Europe, including Russia
  • See connections between these regions and the United States
  • Develop a strong understanding and appreciation of the basic principles of geography
  • Understand the important role that geography has played throughout history
  • Build a solid Social Studies and academic vocabulary
  • Develop thinking skills that solve real-life problems
  • Have fun!
  • I would appreciate your help in furthering these goals. Simply encouraging your child as they explore western world geography will go a long way! 

  The students password is located in their agendas and they will be able to access the book, assignments, quizzes and test on my.hrw.com or they may go to go.hrw.com and select Social Studies and click on there book.  They will also have a book to keep at home for the school year.


If you need to contact me at anytime during the school day you can email me at bsnyder@union.k12.in.us or call me at #759-2562 ext. 1300.


I am looking forward to a fantastic and very successful year.


Contact information: