Main Topics

Main Topics

Topics include, the following among others:

- Collaborative models, platforms and systems for data-rich worlds
- Collaboration and collective awareness in a data-rich world
- Collaborative big data intelligence
- Semantic data integration, access, and retrieval in a collaborative data-rich world
- Dynamics and evolution of collaborative virtual-physical ecosystems
- Trust modelling and management in rich data world
- Cyber-security and influence of bots in collaborative data-rich environments
- Risks and performance in collaborative data-rich systems
- Value creation, business models and social impact of collaboration in data-rich worlds
- Governance and legal frameworks
- Legal and policy aspects for collaboration in a data-rich world
- Collective Intelligence and collaboration in advanced/emerging applications:

- Robotics
- Collaborative Manufacturing and Factories of the Future
- Smart cities
- e-Health and Care
- Crisis/disaster Management
- Logistics
- Intelligent Transportation Systems
- Agribusiness
- etc.

Besides advances in scientific and technological research on the above areas, papers from industry related to innovative case studies, as well as from the decision makers on governing policies around the addressed theme, are encouraged to be submitted. Therefore, cross-industry discussions are foreseen during the conference sessions to fill the gap between decision-makers and researchers and better understanding of the nature of challenges in the coming data-rich world, as well as reflecting on the collective role they can play in shaping it. A plurality of scientific communities in Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Management and Socio-Human sciences are encouraged to submit.

Both scientific works and case studies, supported by advanced ICT systems with a sound experimental validation, are expected.