What Is REDS ?

The “Real time Events analysis and Decision Support” (REDS) Laboratory is dedicated to the research in the field of software systems, aimed at understanding and controlling the behavior of complex environments evolving in real time. We explore the technologies needed to deal with the massive streams of events generated by such environments.

This kind of problems arises in a wide variety of application areas, which range from innovative recommendations systems to the integration of physical and logical security, from urban traffic management to the realization of smart environments providing advanced caring services. The importance of these scenarios is growing at a very fast pace, thanks to the diffusion of technologies enabling the collection of event streams from people (wearables) and objects (IoT sensors).

The technical solutions we are working on include, among others:

  • Layered Knowledge Artifacts for domains and problems understanding, which integrate ontologies, probabilistic models and knowledge based systems
  • Bayesian networks and machine learning algorithms
  • Methods for event collection from wearables and other kinds of sensors
  • Special purpose network platforms for the collection of real time data, based on the SDN paradigm