The interglacial Holsteinian eldorado and the onset of the Middle Palaeolithic (400-300 ka)


The aim of the workshop is to group interventions focusing on archaeological data and human activity for MIS 11 and MIS 9 all over Eurasia for a period of time where number of sites increased following the Glacial Elster crisis.

This period is characterized by a wide biodiversity, a large faunal dispersion associated to a regionalization of mammal communities and variability of human morphology.

On the side of the techno complexes, large behavioral variability is observed with both Late Acheulean and onset of Early Middle Palaeolithic assemblages, fire use generalization  and structured living places. Management of local resources leads to another type of land use with seasonal settlements into a territorial network.

In the technological point of view, “transformation” of technical systems and supply methods characterize the onset of Middle Palaeolithic. However the unchanged component that remains rooted for environmental constraints or cultural reasons is often overlooked. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the aim is to describe the changes that have occurred between the Lower and Middle Paleolithic in relation to the unchanged substrate.

17th IUPPS World Congress
Burgos, 1-7 September 2014