The International Phonology Meeting, to be held in Ferrara on 9-10 October 2014, will offer to scholars concerned with generative linguistics an opportunity for discussion on such research areas as the place of phonology in the grammar and the primes and nature of phonological representations.
     In the last years, the field of phonology has experienced a widespread tendency to move away from formal approaches and to seek the explanation for empirical data in independent factors, not specific to language, like general cognition or articulatory and perceptual ease, among others.  Research on phonology as a component of language faculty, however, still faces such fundamental issues as the essence of computation and the locus of variation in phonology.  To address such concerns, phonologists are confronted with the need for explicit theoretical frameworks.
     The aim of the Ferrara International Phonology Meeting is to identify questions that will be empirically and theoretically crucial for research in phonology in the mid and long term.


Invited speakers: Andrea Calabrese,  Mirko Grimaldi,  John Harris,  Rita Manzini,  Giovanna Marotta,  Marc van Oostendorp,
 Leonardo Savoia,  Tobias Scheer

Scientific committee: Laura Bafile, Rita Manzini, Leonardo Savoia