Professor in Palaeontology and Palaeoecology

Dipartimento di Fisica e Scienze della Terra

Polo Scientifico-Tecnologico, Blocco B

via Saragat 1, 44122 Ferrara, Italy

Phone ++39-0532-974689


Davide Bassi’s research interests focus on palaeoecology and palaeobiogeography using Cenozoic larger benthic foraminifera, coralline red algae, systematics and biostratigraphy. Especially in their application to interpret palaeoenvironmental dynamics and to assess palaeoecological constraints to shallow-water marine benthic communities.

Coralline red algae (Corallinophycidae, Rhodophyta): systematics, palaeoecology, palaeobiogeography, Cenozoic.

Larger benthic foraminifera: systematics, biostratigraphy, palaeoecology, palaeobiogeography, Cenozoic.

Facies analysis, palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and palaeobiogegraphy of Cenozoic shallow-water marine carbonates and related benthic communities.