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Rheology of polymers and polymer-based systems

F Baldi, A Franceschini, F Bignotti
Polymer Testing 30 (7), 765-772 (2011)
(rheology of nanocomposites)

F Baldi, A Franceschini, F Bignotti, G Tieghi, T Riccò
Rheologica Acta 48 (1), 73-88 (2009)
(rheology of nanocomposites)

Measurement of the high rate flow properties of filled HDPE melts by capillary rheometer: Effects of the test geometry
F Baldi, J Ragnoli, F Briatico-Vangosa
Polymer Testing 37, 201-209 (2014)
(structure-property relationships)

Determination of the elongational viscosity of polymer melts by melt spinning experiments. A comparison with different experimental techniques
F Baldi, A Franceschini, T Riccò
Rheologica acta 46 (7), 965-978 (2007)
(development of testing methodologies for the measurement of elongational viscosity)

Experimental study of the melt fracture behavior of filled high‐density polyethylene melts
F Baldi, F Briatico‐Vangosa, A Franceschini
Polymer Engineering & Science 54 (2), 364-377 (2014)
(study of flow instabilities (“melt fracture”))