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The research group

The Materials Science and Technology Laboratory (MaSTLab) is a research group of the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Brescia.

It is aimed at generating, developing and promoting knowledge on advanced and traditional materials, on the technologies related to their design and production, and on their engineering applications.


The main research areas are:

- development of advanced engineering polymeric materials;

- mechanics of polymers, composites and nanocomposites;

- rheology of polymers and polymer-based systems; 

- technology and engineering of plastic/rubber products.


Teaching activities

Teaching activities of the group play a relevant role in the following degree courses: 

  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering (Bachelor degree)
  • Mechanical Engineering of Materials (Master degree)
  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor degree)
  • Architectural Engineering (combined Bachelor and Master Degree)

Concerning such degree courses, the group develops also thesis projects aimed at introducing students in various industrial fields.

The group is active in the following Ph.D. programmes:

and develops Ph.D. theses on advanced research topics of materials engineering.


The group has several cooperations:

  • academic:    both at national and international level with universities/research institutes,
  • industrial:       with companies, both at national and international level, within the frame of research/technological innovation projects, and of consultant activities.


The group is part of INSTM ("Italian Interuniversitary Consortium on Materials Science and Technology" - Research Unit of Brescia) and is also part of the INSTM Reference Centre NIPLAB (“laboratory of nanocomposites and hybrid polymers").

The group develops research activities at international level within the European Structural Integrity Society, Technical Committee 4: Polymers and Polymer Composites (ESIS TC4).The Group is co-ordinator for the work-area “Jc-testing”.

The group is member of the Italian Society of Rheology - SIR, and participates in both scientific and organizing activities.