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Degree thesis archive

  • PLA based polymeric scaffolds. (Master degree, 2014/2015)
  • Carbon nanotubes/rubber composites with self-healing properties: development and characterization (Master degree, partially developed at the University of Applied Sciences of Merseburg, 2014/2015)
  • New polymeric materials based on polylactic acid. (Master degree, 2013/2014)
  • New trends in PVC industry: recycle and reuse. (Bachelor degree, 2013/2014)
  • Mechanical reinforcement effects promoted by carbon nanotubes or different types of carbon black in vulcanized elastomeric systems based on natural rubber. (Bachelor degree, 2012/2013)
  • Tyre performances for automotive. Influence of rubber mix property. (Bachelor degree, 2011/2012)
  • Thermo-mechanical characterization of an epoxy resin. (Bachelor degree, 2011/2012)
  • pH-sensitive hydrogels and their applications in the biomedical industry. (Bachelor degree, 2011/2012)
  • Production and thermo-mechanical characterization of polylactic acid based biocomposites (Bachelor degree, 2011/2012)
  • Measurement of flow properties of filled polymer melts by capillary rheometer; effect of testing geometry. (Master degree, 2011/2012)