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Degree courses

The researchers and professors of MaSTLab perform teaching activities in various degree courses.

Here is a list of degree courses held in 2014/2015:

  • Mechanical and Materials Engineering (Bachelor degree): Science and technology of polymers and composites (Docente: F. Bignotti), Laboratory of polymeric materials (Teachers: T. Riccò, S. Pandini, F. Baldi), Industrial polymers (Teacher: L. Sartore)
  • Mechanical Engineering of Materials (Master degree): Fundamentals of polymer technology (Teacher: F. Baldi), Design with plastics (Docente: G. Ramorino), Mechanics of polymers (Prof. T. Riccò), Mechanics of composites (Teacher: S. Pandini) 
  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor degree): Materials technology (Teacher: G. Ramorino)
  • Architectural Engineering (combined Bachelor and Master Degree): Science and technology of building materials (Teacher: Luciana Sartore)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Master degree): Biomaterials (Teacher: F. Bignotti)