The Digital Turn: Meryl Norton Hearst Lecture Series

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Jeff Rice
Tuesday, Sept. 16

Jeff Rice is the Martha B. Reynolds Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at the University of Kentucky.  He is author of books such as The Rhetoric of Cool and Digital Detroit. 


Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson

Tuesday, April 8, 2014
7 p.m. Commons Ballroom
Steven Johnson is a best-selling author of works including Everything Bad Is Good For You: How Today’s Popular Culture Is Actually Making Us Smarter and Future Perfect: The Case for Progress in a Networked Age. In Fall 2014, Johnson will star in the new PBS Series, How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson

Review of FuturePerfect
Steven Johnson on Electronic Literature: “Why No One Clickedon the Great Hypertext Story” 
Steven Johnson’s TED talk: Where Good Ideas Come From 
Steven Johnson’s blog
Steven Johnson's Author Page

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"Modeling Cultural Networks in the Hispanic Baroque"

Monday, March 24, 2014
7 p.m. Common Ballroom
Juan Luiz Suarez
Juan Luis Suarez
Juan Luis Suarez is the director of the CulturePlex lab, an innovative and interdisciplinary digital humanities research center at Canada's Western University, where he is also a professor of Hispanic Studies in the Modern Languages and Literature Department.  You can find his available publications on here.

Cheryl Ball
Cheryl Ball
 Monday, March 3, 2014
7 p.m. Commons Ballroom

"Boutique Data in Writing Studies"

This talk will explore digital technology's impact on the archiving of information and the subsequent redefinition of scholarship.


Cheryl Ball is a scholar in the areas of rhetoric and new media and editor of the journal Kairos.  Her books include Writer/Designer: A Guide to Multimodal ProjectsClick here for a short video introduction. You can find her available publications on here.
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"Literature Online: How the Internet is Transforming Fiction" 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
7 p.m. Commons Ballroom

Check out the Kate Pullinger page for a video intro, links to and about her work, and to stream her Hearst Series lecture.

Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger is an award-winning print novelist and co-creator of the young adult digital novel Inanimate Alice.  You can view her Author Page here.
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The Digital Turn: A Roundtable


Graduate College Brown Bag Lecture Series

Monday, November 18, 12 – 12:50

Maucker Presidential Room

Bring your lunch; cookies will be provided

Bettina Fabos, Communication Studies

David Grant, Languages & Literatures

Adrienne Lamberti, Languages & Literatures

Jim O'Loughlin, Languages & Literatures

What difference does digital culture make in how we write, communicate, and teach?  As educators and scholars, what is the best way to respond to the proliferation of electronic media and the disruptive effect they can have on traditional means of communication and scholarship?  This discussion was one of the events held as part of The Digital Turn: the 2013-14 Meryl Norton Hearst Lecture Series.

The Meryl Norton Hearst endowed fund was established in 1988 by a donation to the University of Northern Iowa by James S. Hearst in honor of his late wife, Meryl Norton Hearst. James S. Hearst, a poet, served as a professor of creative writing at UNI from 1941 to 1975.

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