Student Teaching Spring 2014

Week 2.8

Student Teachers,

Wow, this is the last week that I will be able to call you all that! You should be really proud of all that you have accomplished while student teaching this semester. It has been wonderful getting to know all of you and learning about teaching from you while visiting your classrooms. This week I will be on the road conducting your Final Evaluation Conferences. I will post the schedule at the bottom of the email to remind you all of the times and dates of your meetings. Please remember to fill-out your own copy of the Final Evaluation form for your conference as we will be comparing/contrasting your evaluation to your CT’s evaluation. Please also help to remind your CTs to have a hard copy of your narrative at the conference and a digital copy sent to me in either .doc or .pages.

I am very impressed with all of the time and work that you all put into your portfolios. Over the past two days I have seen some of the best things you have done in your classrooms and the things you all have accomplished are astounding, especially in only sixteen weeks! Each of you should have received a notification from Google that I shared a document with you, within the notification email I have also written you a short message, so be sure to read the notification before deleting it. All remediations need to be completed on or before Friday, May 9th, at 5:00 pm. Please remember, you will not receive a grade for student teaching unless all remediations are completed. I will begin reviewing remediations tomorrow evening and email you with my feedback.

In addition, if you haven’t already, I need you all to make sure that you have commented on all of your observation notes. I believe I set that deadline for tomorrow, Monday, May 5th. Just as with your portfolios, grades will not be given if all observations have not been commented on. If you have questions, about your observations, please let me know.

I also want to remind you to be completing your “Thank You” cards for your CT and the building administrators by the end of the week. Without your CTs and the building administrators, there would be no student teaching placements! Thank you for helping UNI and myself spread the thank yous around the state, I greatly appreciate the work you do to thank your CTs and the building administrators throughout the semester. Your work and thoughtfulness has a direct impact on my work, so thank you all for helping me!

Finally, enjoy the final week in your placements and stay actively engaged in the classroom when you are present and not observing other teachers. Even if you are not teaching full-time, it is still expected that you are assisting students, your CT, etc. As you know, as a UNI student teacher, you never sit idle! I look forward to seeing you all this week and conferencing with each of you. 

Enjoy your week!



Observation Schedule 5/5/2014 through 5/8/2014


Monday, 5/5

10:00am, David, Final

12:30pm, Laura, Final

1:35pm, Shan, Final

3:45pm, Felicia, Final

Tuesday, 5/6

9:05am, Sarah, Final

11:00am, Heather, Final

12:25pm, Stacy, Final

1:15pm, Melissa, Final

2:30pm, Meeting on Campus

Wednesday, 5/7

10:00am, Brian, Final

2:00pm, Nekoda, Final

3:00pm, Jeremy, Final

Thursday, 5/8

9:15am, Corissa, Final

9:45am, Tiffanie, Drop-in, no observation

2:15pm, Christa, Final

Week 2.7

Student Teachers,

Here we are in Week 2.7, and you are almost done with your student teaching experience! This week I will be completing Observation 2.3s for many of you and I look forward to seeing the dynamic things you are doing in your classrooms. In addition to the observations listed at the bottom of the email, I may also be doing some drop-ins so don’t be surprised if I drop-in to do a quick Drop-in Observation. 

This week we will be having our final seminar for the semester. We will be meeting at 5:30pm at the AEA 267 and at 6:00pm, the First Year Teaching Panel will be joining us. If you haven’t already, please add your questions for the first year teachers on the GoogleDoc found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nRaA-Vr-oFpJ3BekjJ8EZfJXeIMf_Ria6JpAlfKCDsA/edit?usp=sharing.

Please remember to be commenting on your observation notes. All comments for your observations need to be completed by Monday, May 5th. I realize that I have been delinquent in getting feedback to you regarding your teaching philosophies, I will make sure to get you your feedback by tomorrow evening so that you have your philosophies to put into your portfolios for Tuesday. If you have questions regarding your teaching philosophies please let me know.

Have a great week!

Thank you,


Observation Schedule, 4/27 through 5/2


Monday, 4/28

11:22am, Brian, Observation

1:35pm, David, Observation

Tuesday, 4/29

8:30am, Corissa, Observation

10:26am, Melissa, Observation

Wednesday, 4/30

9:50am, Stacy, Observation

UNI Meetings

Thursday, 5/1

9:25am, Felicia, Observation

11:55am, Heather, Observation

3:30pm, Felicia

Friday, 5/2

11:30am, Christa, Observation

Week 2.6

Happy Week 2.6, All!

I hope this email finds you enjoying the beautiful weather and having a restful weekend. Forming the observation schedule this week was a bit challenging because I was missing some schedules, but I did my best to wrap-up Observation 2.2s and begin Observation 2.3s. If you don’t see your name on the schedule this week then you will definitely be on the calendar for next week because I want to be able to see everyone teach three times in this placement.

While there is no seminar this week, please use this time to continue working on your portfolios and getting them ready to submit for Tuesday, 4/29. For seminar on Tuesday, 4/29, we will meet at 5:30pm and spend the first thirty minutes going over some final details regarding student teaching and then there will be a First Year Teaching Panel from 6:00-7:00pm. In order to let the first year teachers know the types of questions you will be asking, I would like you to post three questions on a common GoogleDoc found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nRaA-Vr-oFpJ3BekjJ8EZfJXeIMf_Ria6JpAlfKCDsA/edit?usp=sharing.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!



Observations Week 2.6, 4/21-4/25


Monday, 4/21

12:50pm, David, Observation


8:25am, Christa, Observation

12:45pm, Shan, Observation


8:45am, Tiffanie, Observation

1:30pm, Jeremy, Observation


11:00am, UNI

2:10pm, Sarah, Observation


10:00am, Laura, Observation

1:07pm, Nekoda, Observation

New Technology to Explore!!!
TodaysMeet: https://todaysmeet.comstudents use 140 characters to answer your questions--much like Twitter

PollEverywhere: http://www.polleverywhere.comstudents can use one-to-one technology or cell phones to respond to polls you send out in class

Mentimeter: www.mentimeter.com, enter reposes and students can vote on the choices

Kahoot!: https://getkahoot.com, game-based learning with words, images, diagrams, etc.

Week 2.5
Sunday, April 13, 2014

Student Teachers,

Happy Week 2.5! This week is a short week for many of you due to schools having the day off on Friday. I am doing my best this week to get in and see as many of you as I can for observations and I will also be wrapping-up midterm evaluations. This week we will be having seminar at 4:30pm, in the ICN classroom, at the AEA 267. Please remember to submit drafts of your teaching philosophy prior to seminar that day. For an outline of things to discuss in your philosophies, please see https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G8b5Py-0kDw1M_s3Yh0xo1RcoD4MffWj0MiEU1T2toQ/edit?usp=sharing.

As always, the week’s schedule is posted at the end of the email. Please take note as to whether I am coming for a midterm conference, an observation, or both. As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we complete Week 2.5 of student teaching.

Thank you,


Weekly Schedule: Monday, 4/13 through Friday, 4/17


Monday, 4/13

9:00am, Brian, Observation

10:00am, Brian, Midterm

1:15pm, Melissa, Midterm

2:48pm, Corissa, Observation

Tuesday, 4/14 

9:05am, Sarah, Midterm

10:00am, Sarah, Observation

12:30pm, Laura, Midterm

1:15pm, Felicia, Observation

3:30pm, Felicia, Midterm

Wednesday, 4/15

9:15am, Nekoda, Observation

11:15am, David, Observation

1:40pm, Laura, Observation

Thursday, 4/16

11:00am, on-campus

1:25pm, Stacy, Observation

2:20pm, Melissa, Observation

Friday, 4/17

8:20am, Heather, Observation

Week 2.4
Sunday, April 6, 2014

Happy Midterms, Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

You’ve made it four weeks into your second placements and I am seeing some great things in your classrooms. This week I will be conducting midterm evaluations and trying to get some observations in when I can. Please note this week’s schedule at the bottom of the email, you may also be scheduled for an observation before or after your midterm meetings with me.

This week, seminar is at 5:30pm, on Tuesday, 4/8, at Marshalltown AEA 267. We will begin with announcements, etc., at 5:30pm and the administrators will be joining us at 6:00pm. Please remember that you will want to remain in your school appropriate clothing for this meeting in order to make a good impression with the administrators. If you haven’t already, please add your questions for the administrators to the GoogleDoc that can be found at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z6HsDo3U8TBYrXUZKaJXO7abtTIMVowBUEUwsTZrw3s/edit?usp=sharing.

It is my hope that you are working on your portfolio as the eight weeks progresses so that you are not bombarded at the end of the time in your classrooms. If you have any questions regarding your portfolios, please write them down and ask me at seminar this week. Have a great week and I will see you at your evaluations and at seminar on Tuesday!

Thank you!


Observation Schedule 4/7 through 4/11 


Monday, 4/7

10:00am, David, Midterm

11:30am, Heather, Midterm

12:25pm, Sarah, 5 minute drop-in

1:35pm, Shan, Midterm

Tuesday, 4/8

9:15am, Corissa, Midterm

10:00am, Corissa, Observation

11:20am, Tiffanie, Midterm

12:25pm, Stacy, Midterm

12:45pm, Stacy, Observation

2:20pm, Melissa, Observation

Wednesday, 4/9

8:25am, Jeremy, Observation

12:30pm, Christa, Midterm

2:00pm, Nekoda, Midterm

Thursday, 4/10

Meetings on campus

Friday, 4/11

Meetings on campus

Week 2.3
March 30, 2014

Student Teachers,

Happy Week 2.3! I hope you were all able to enjoy the beautiful weather today (Sunday). I apologize that this email is so late this weekend, but with traveling it has been a little crazy. Please accept my apologies that the observation schedule is just now being posted. We will not be having seminar this week and the only thing due are your three questions for the Administrator Panel scheduled for 4/8. You can post your questions at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z6HsDo3U8TBYrXUZKaJXO7abtTIMVowBUEUwsTZrw3s/edit?usp=sharing.

As you complete your Active Observation assignments please remember to share them with both myself and your CT so that they can see what you have been observing in their classroom. It is also important that you talk about what might appear to be an instructional strategy, but may be a procedure that must be incorporated into your teaching. As always, thank you for submitting your lesson plans to me by 6:00pm this evening and getting your schedules to me every Wednesday. Below you will find the observation schedule for this week. Please let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week!

Thank you,


Observation Schedule 3/31/14 through 4/4/13


Monday, 3/31

11:55am, Heather Observation

2:15pm, Felicia, Observation

Tuesday, 4/1

11:06am, Nekoda, Observation

1:15pm, Tiffanie, Observation

Wednesday, 4/2

11:15am, Shan, Observation

1:00pm, Laura, Observation

Thursday, 4/3

8:40am, Stacy, Observation

11:20am, Christa, Observation

2:00pm, Brian, Observation, note I will be arriving a bit late for the beginning of class

Friday, 4/4

Out of Town

Week 2.2
March 22, 2014

Happy Week 2.2, Student Teachers!

For those of you that have been on spring break, I hope this email finds you well rested and ready to begin another great week in the field. For those of you who have just finished your first week in your second placements, I enjoyed meeting with you and your CTs for your orientation meetings. A few housekeeping items. Please remember--

  • Send your weekly schedules by the end of the day on Wednesdays so that I am able to create observation schedules and get them out to you in a timely fashion.

  • Lesson plans are still due to me by 6:00pm, Sundays until further notice. Remember, these plans are for when you take on the lead teaching role this does not include cooperatively taught lessons or shadow teaching.

I will be out of the state at a conference from 12:30pm, Wednesday, 3/26 through Saturday, 3/29. I will be available via my cell phone and email while I am away so if you need anything please do not hesitate to contact me. Below you will find part of the observation schedule for the week, but because I received so few schedules I will be contacting some of you via email/text to arrange observations before I leave for the conference. Thank you ahead a time for responding to my emails/texts quickly so I can get things organized before Monday.

Thank you and have a wonderful week!


Observation Schedule 3/24 through 3/26 


Monday, 3/24

8:15am, Tentative Melissa, Observation

10:30am, Christa, Orientation

1:33pm, Jeremy, Observation

Tuesday, 3/25

8:30am, Tentative David, Observation

10:30am, Tentative Heather, Orientation

12:15pm, Tentative Sarah, Observation

2:00pm, Tentative Stacy, Observation

Week 2.1 Part 2
March 17, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I apologize for a second email this week, but there were a couple things that I forgot to include in the first communication. The new assignment: Active Observations Part 1a, 1b, and 2 is now posted on the assignment page on the Student Teaching website (https://sites.google.com/a/uni.edu/student-teaching-fall-2012/home/weekly-assignments), and it can also be found by following this link to the Active Observations GoogleDrive Folder that I created (https://drive.google.com/a/uni.edu/folderview?id=0B-F5XwCvr16zc00zQnpYRW5PSXc&usp=drive_web). Please remember to complete this assignment for each period (for secondary) and each section of teaching (literacy, math, and social studies/science for elementary) before taking over teaching. Be sure to read through the complete assignment before beginning so you make sure that you know what you are to be looking for when observing your CT. If you have any questions please let me know.

Secondly, when uploading your edTPA to the UnitedSystem, you upload only your commentary documents. Please do not upload video or student work to the UnitedSystem. Here is a link to a video to help you in the process of preparing your commentaries to be uploaded: http://screenr.com/VxY7. If you have questions regarding this process please email me and I will get you answers to your questions.

Have a wonderful week!

Thank you,


Week 2.1 Part 1
March 16, 2014

Student Teachers,

Happy Week 2.1 and Spring Break for some of you!

If you haven’t, please complete the Follow-up Questionnaire from Transition Seminar found at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10JBqt3xHK9GhYpFtnyNHobj9Pc1CbtXMa5P-1_rbstM/viewform

This week I will be conducting orientation meetings with you and your cooperating teachers. Although I’ve contacted your cooperating teachers I am still waiting to hear from quite a few CTs. Shan, Felicia, Tifffanie, Nekoda, and Brian, if you would please check-in with your CTs to make sure they received my orientation email, I sent it on Friday so I know I’ll hear from some CT’s Monday morning, but I just want to make sure we get these meetings scheduled. Thank you for your help with this!

As you begin your new placements, please remember not to talk about your first placement while in your second placements. It is important to remember not to talk negatively about your first placements. If you are asked about your first placements please remember to positive as word in education in Iowa travels quickly, teachers and staffs talk so it is important to be positive about past, present, and future interactions in your second placement.

Have a great week and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as you begin your new placements!



Week 2.1, 3/17-3/21

Tuesday, 3/18

Waiting to hear from CTs

Wednesday, 3/19

9:15am, Corissa, Orientation

Thursday, 3/20

12:30pm, Laura, Orientation

Friday, 3/21

Waiting to hear from CTs

Links your'll need today, 3/11/14
Socrative--www.socrative.com, Room #646738
Sweet Search: www.sweetsearch.com
Follow-up Questionnaire, to be completed before you leave today: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/10JBqt3xHK9GhYpFtnyNHobj9Pc1CbtXMa5P-1_rbstM/viewform

Information from Seminar: 2/25/14

Week 1.7

February 22, 2014

Happy Week 1.7 of Student Teaching!

Wowza, last week was an interesting one with two blizzards early-outs and late-starts. On top of Mother Nature’s craziness I caught the plague and was out from Thursday afternoon until, well, let’s hope I’m back on the road on Monday, there’s no more time to be ill. Keep yourselves healthy and wash your hands often, oh yeah, and don’t catch the plague from family members?!

This week will be the last week of formal observations since many of you are still teaching full-time it is a great opportunity for me to get one more chance to see you in action in your first placements. Please be sure to check the schedule posted below to see if you are on the list of observations for Week 1.7. 

This week, you will want to begin thinking about “Thank You” gifts for your cooperating teachers. While this is not mandatory it is a nice gesture that CTs always appreciate. If you aren’t sure what to get your CT think about something UNI themed or “teacher” themed. For those of you that do not feel comfortable giving your CT a gift, please remember to write a “Thank You” note to them for the time and energy they put in mentoring you this semester. You will also need to write a “Thank You” note/card to your administrators for allowing you to be part of the school community. You will also want to be sure to get your CT’s signature on the cover page of your edTPA. The cover page can be found in the folder that I sent to you at the beginning of the semester. 

You will also want to contact your CT for your second student teaching placement. In this email you will want to remind them what day you are starting, as well as what time they would like you to report for your first day in their classroom. Be sure to ask them if there is anything that they want you to have prepared for your first week with in the classroom. It may also be helpful to find out where they are in the curriculum so you have a clear understanding of what you will be working with in your first week with them. If you are beginning your second placement the week of March 10th, please send me an email by Tuesday, 2/25, to remind me of your starting date, I will need to schedule your orientation with your CT for Transition Week.

Seminar, this Tuesday, 2/25, is from 4:30pm-6:15pm, in the Marshalltown AEA 267 ICN classroom. We may run until 6:30pm because there is a couple resources that I want to share with you that we didn’t get to last seminar. You do not have any assignments due for seminar this week.

To sum it all up:

  • Wash your hands and stay healthy
  • Thank You gift/card for CT and administrators
  • Contact CT for Student Teaching Placement 2
  • Email Courtney with your start date if you are beginning March 10th in your second placement
  • Seminar (2/25/14) runs from 4:30-6:15(ish)pm with no assignments due
  • Check for your name on the observation list for the week

Thank you!


Observations Week 1.7, 2/24-2/28 https://sites.google.com/a/uni.edu/student-teaching-fall-2012/home/student-teaching-calendar

Monday, 2/24

8:15am, Corissa, Observation

9:03am, Alex, Observation

11:06am, Shan, Observation

2:20pm, Christa, Observation

Tuesday, 2/25

9:15am, David, Observation

12:10pm, Laura, Observation

2:30pm, Melissa, Observation (Woodbury)

Wednesday, 2/26

9:30am, Christa, Observation

12:30pm, Brian, Observation

2:15pm, Jeremy, Midterm Conference

2:30pm, Jeremy, Observation

Thursday, 2/27

7:45am, Brian, Final Conference

10:26am, Ian, Observation

12:15pm, Tiffanie, Observation

2:15pm, Stacy, Observation

Friday, 2/28

8:40am, Sarah, Observation

1:54pm, Nekoda, Observation

3:00pm, Nekoda, Final Conference

Week 1.6
February 16, 2014

Student Teachers,

Happy Student Teaching Week 1.6! This week most of you will be teaching full-time and I wish you luck as you work with your classes and students engaging their minds and challenging their thinking. This week we do not have seminar, but I encourage you to continue working diligently on your edTPAs. A sheet has been created to help you with the video component of preparing, recording, and working with the video component of your edTPA. The sheet can be found at: http://bit.ly/1cQmSF0.

Next week’s observations are listed at the end of the email as they are every week. You will notice that Wednesday is not listed because I will be on campus for meetings, etc., if you need anything Wednesday, I will be available via email and text so don’t hesitate to get ahold of me. As always, please let me know if you have any questions this week!

Thank you,


Observations Week 1.6 


Monday, 2/17

10:30am, Sarah, Observation

2:20pm, Christa, Observation

Tuesday, 2/18

8:35am, Stacy, Observation

10:26am, Ian, Observation

12:45pm, Felicia, Observation

2:15pm, Heather, Observation

Wednesday, 2/19

On Campus

Thursday, 2/20

8:10am, Luke, Observation

11:53am, Nekoda, Observation

2:00pm, Jeremy, Midterm

2:31pm, Jeremy, Observation

Friday, 2/21

8:45am, Laura, Observation

12:15pm, Tiffanie, Observation

2:35pm, David, Observation

Week 1.5

Student Teachers,

I hope this email finds you rested and ready to begin Week 1.5. This week at seminar we will be discussing and working on the following items--

  • 5:30pm--Professionalism in student teaching
  • 6:00pm--Classroom Management
  • 6:30pm--Work time for your edTPA and/or technology integration

Please remember to have your Classroom Management https://docs.google.com/a/uni.edu/document/d/1xnwRA5EY5fII57GworfCwvdPOWWRNKcr_JZASu3hYMY/edit) assignment completed before coming to seminar, you will need to have an electronic copy or a hard copy to reference during our discussion. Please don’t forget that your 5-day Lesson Plans are due at 6:00pm tonight.

This week’s schedule is a bit crazy with midterms wrapping-up, Observations 1.1-1.3, and meetings that I have on campus. Please note the times that I will be in your classrooms. Although I try to come at the beginning of a period or subject, this week I may be coming a few minutes after you start your lesson. Please DO NOT wait to begin teaching I will slip in when I can and get caught-up. Please make sure that you are commenting on your Observation notes that I have shared with you on GoogleDrive, the sooner you reflect and make comments on those notes the better! Please try to complete that within a week of the observation. If you have any questions about the observation schedule please let me know. I look forward to seeing you all at seminar on Tuesday!

Thank you,


Observation Schedule 2/10/14 through 2/14/14 


Monday 2/10/14

9:25am, David, Observation 1.3

11:45am, Stacy, Observation 1.2

1:31pm, Jeremy, Midterm

3:00pm, Nekoda, Midterm

Tuesday 2/11/14

10:19am, Nekoda, Observation 1.1

12:31pm, Jeremy, Observation 1.1

1:31pm, Brian, Observation 1.2

Wednesday 2/12/14

10:15am, Heather, Observation 1.2

12:25pm, Ian, Observation 1.2

2:31pm, Brian, Midterm

Thursday 2/13/14

2:10pm, Luke, Observation 1.2

Friday 2/14/14

9:51am, Alex, Observation 1.3

11:06am, Shan, Observation 1.2

1:09pm, Corissa, Observation 1.2

Week 1.4
January 31, 2014

Student Teachers,

Thank you for all of your hard work in your classrooms thus far. I am seeing some wonderful things as I visit and do your observations. It appears that you all are creating great relationships with your students and your CTs. Week 1.4 is the week when I will be conducting midterm conferences for many of you, but I will also be doing formal observations throughout the week as well. It was difficult to create the schedule for Week 1.4 because I had quite of few schedules missing as of Friday morning. The only way that I can create the weekly schedule is if I know what will be going on in your classrooms so please make sure that you get me your schedules by Wednesday afternoon, unless you’ve made other arrangements with me.

Beginning Sunday, February 2nd, at 6:00pm, until further notice, you will be required to turn in your you lesson plans for all subjects, areas, and periods that you are the lead teacher or shadowing your CT. This means that on Sunday I will receive all of your lesson plans for Monday, 2/3-Friday, 2/7. These plans must include all of the required parts as outlined on the web page “Lesson Planning 101 (https://sites.google.com/a/uni.edu/student-teaching-fall-2012/lesson-planning-101). If you are using a different template for lesson planning, feel free to use that but it must include each of the parts that are required in the Marshalltown Center. If I do not receive your lesson plans, this could be grounds for filing a Notification of Concern with the College of Education in which we will create an action plan in order to help you meet the expectations of a UNI student teacher. When submitting your lesson plans, you may do so as an attachment to an email, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox (shared with courtney.clausen@uni.edu). Please include any worksheets that you are creating and/or typing out. If you are giving students handouts directly from classroom curriculum you do not need to include them with your lesson plans.

Note: Elementary Student Teachers, because you will be planning for up to 7-8 content areas, you may leave out the Iowa Core Standards at this time, but realize that most districts will require you to include this information on your lesson plans.

Note: Secondary Student Teachers, In addition to your lesson plans, and self-created handouts, I will also need your PowerPoints and notes that you will use while teaching (if applicable).

As we discussed at seminar on Tuesday, lesson planning is a core element in student teaching and if you are not planning lessons, making sure that you know and understand the curriculum/content, you will not be able to confidently teach your students. Lesson planning helps in creating a strong foundation for which classroom management, classroom climate, student-teacher relationships, and learning are all built, if the foundation of your teaching is not strong, the rest will begin to crumble. If you have questions regarding turning in your weekly lesson plans to me, please let me know. 

Thank you,


Schedule for Week 1.4: 2/3/14 through 2/7/14 (https://sites.google.com/a/uni.edu/student-teaching-fall-2012/home/student-teaching-calendar)

Monday, 2/3

7:30am, Laura, Midterm

9:51am, Shan, Midterm

11:30am, Melissa, Midterm

12:45pm, Melissa, Observation 1.2

2:35pm, David, Observation 1.2

3:25pm, David, Midterm

Tuesday, 2/4

9:20am, Ian, Midterm

11:00am, Felicia, Observation 1.2

12:05pm, Felicia Midterm

1:57pm, Alex, Observation 1.2

2:45pm, Alex, Midterm

3:30pm, Corissa, Midterm

Wednesday, 2/5

9:00am, Nekoda, Drop-in

10:30am, Jeremy, Observation 1.1

12:30pm, Brian, Midterm

Thursday, 2/6

9:15am, Tiffanie, Midterm

9:35am, Tiffanie, Observation 1.2

12:00pm, Luke, Midterm

1:20pm, Christa, Midterm

3:25pm, Stacy, Midterm

Friday, 2/7

8:00am, Heather Midterm

9:20am, Laura, Observation 1.1

1:00pm, Sarah, Midterm

2:10pm, Sarah Observation 1.2

Week 1.3
January 24, 2014

Student Teachers,

I hope this email finds you all cozy and warm enjoying your weekend. 

For simplicity's sake, I am sending this video link and password for the "Getting Ready for edTPA Part Three: Organizing for Success and Providing Guidance and Support: The Cooperating Teacher's Role," to all of you rather than just the students that requested to view it. Feel free to share this video with your CT, but it is not necessary for them to view it if they do not have time. After viewing this video please write down any questions you have and we will discuss them with the group on Tuesday during seminar.

Talk to me for the video link and password as I cannot post it on a public website.

Tuesday, January 28th for seminar, you should have the edTPA: “Context for Learning” commentary completed, as well as, 1-2 learning segments of your edTPA: “Instruction” commentary completed for peer review during Tuesday’s seminar. Remember, you will be in Week 1.3 and your edTPA is due on Tuesday of Transition Week, week 1.9. During seminar I will be collecting your Two-Week Progress Report and your Long Range Plan sheets. Please have them in hardcopy ready to turn in at the beginning of seminar.

The Week 1.3 Observation Schedule is posted on the Student Teaching Calendar (https://sites.google.com/a/uni.edu/student-teaching-fall-2012/home/student-teaching-calendar) and the list of observations can also be found at the bottom of this email. There will be 2-3 additions once I’ve received some missing schedules so if you don’t see your name either I’ve emailed you requesting your schedule or you can plan on me observing during Week 1.4. Please remember to have a hardcopy of your lesson plan prepared for me when I come to observe. If you are shadow teaching I will need a photo copy of your teacher’s plans and/or a copy of the notes you will be using while you teach.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please let me know!



Observation Schedule Week 1.3

Monday, 1/27

9:51am, Alex, Observation 1.1


1:09pm, Corissa, Observation 1.1

2:45pm, Shan, Observation 1.1

Tuesday, 1/28

11:15am, David, Observation 1.1

2:20pm, Laura, Observation 1.1

Wednesday, 1/29

8:30am, Felicia, Observation 1.1

12:14pm, Ian, Observation 1.1


Thursday, 1/30

8:20am, Stacy, Observation 1.1

10:25am, Brian, Observation 1.1

12:10pm, Heather, Observation 1.1

1:15pm, Matt, Observation 1.1

Friday, 1/31

8:30am, Christa, Observation 1.1


2:10pm, Sarah, Observation 1.1

Week 1.2
January 19, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Thank you all for working so hard during your first week of student teaching!!! I am hearing some wonderful things as I have orientation meetings with you and your cooperating teachers. This week, I will be concluding the orientation meetings, beginning Observation 1.1s and I will be on campus for student teacher coordinators meetings at the end of the week. Remember, when I come to observe you for Observation 1.1 I will need a printed copy of your lesson plan to follow along with during your lesson. 

Please remember to send me your weekly schedules by Wednesday so that I can create the observation and meeting schedules for the following week. Thank you to all of you that remembered to send me your schedules and/or talked with me about them during our orientation meetings this week, I appreciate your organization and preparedness during such a busy week. This week’s schedule will be posted at the end of this email where I usually post the Observation Schedule for the week.

This week we will have seminar on Tuesday, January 21st, from 5:30-7:00pm at the Marshalltown AEA 267. Please bring with you the items requested on your Seminar  Schedule (https://sites.google.com/a/uni.edu/student-teaching-fall-2012/home/weekly-assignments) including: technology (laptop/tablet), edTPA handbook (digital or printed), edTPA commentary templates (digital/printed). You also need to submit your Observations of Students by Student Teacher via GoogleDrive, and bring your completed Activities Checklist to be turned in during seminar.

As you begin Week 1.2, please remember to be proactive in your classrooms, work with individual students, small groups, or begin taking on small tasks or mini-lessons throughout the day. Please always be observing your CT’s management style, the students’ learning styles, and the procedures in the classroom so you are preparing yourself for your full-time teaching responsibilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a great week and I will see you all for seminar!

Thank you!


Observation Schedule January 20th-24th 


Monday, 1/20/14

9:45am, Melissa, Observation 1.1

12:00pm, Sarah, Orientation

3:30pm, Christa, Orientation

Tuesday, 1/21/14

7:45am, Brian, Orientation

11:00am, UNI Meeting

1:30pm, Jeremy, Orientation

2:45pm, Nekoda, Orientation

Wednesday, 1/22/14

Schedules due for Week 1.3

8:00am, Heather, Orientation

10:05am, Luke, Orientation

Thursday, 1/23/14

Meetings at UNI

Friday, 1/24/14

Meetings at UNI

edTPA Materials
January 12, 2014

Student Teachers,

As promised, here are the digital copies of your edTPA material. In this zip file you will find the following items:

  • edTPA Cover page--to be used when turning in the hardcopy of your edTPA during seminar
  • edTPA Lesson Planning Template--this template is not mandatory, but it is strongly suggested that you use it when creating your lesson plans for your edTPA
  • edTPA Subject Specific Handbook--this is a digital copy of what you received at orientation
  • Making Good Choices--feel free to use this document to help in the construction of your edTPA unit
  • Context for Learning template
  • Planning Commentary template
  • Instruction Commentary template
  • Assessment Commentary template
  • TPAC Student Release Form--If the school you are in does not collect video/picture permission forms at the beginning of the year, you will need to send this home with each of your students to gain the permission of their parents/guardians, to be part of the videos in your edTPA

**ALL Student Teachers--Prior to seminar on January 21, 2014, please read through the Introduction to the edTPA, including the sections regarding Purpose, Summary of Tasks, Structure of the Handbook, and edTPA Tasks Overview and the Your Subjects Glossary, that is found at the end of the handbook.

**Elementary Majors, Please begin deciding whether you want to complete your edTPA in the area of Literacy or Math. During Week 1.2, I will be emailing you requesting your content area so I will need an answer by Friday, January 24th.

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Important Student Teaching Information!!!
December 19, 2013

Dear Spring 2014 Student Teachers,

This email is to give you information about the upcoming semester, our orientation meeting, your seminars and assignments while you are student teaching, and remind you about the upcoming deadline for your meeting reflections.

  • All write-ups reflecting on your meetings with your cooperating teachers are to be turned in via GoogleDrive by Friday, December 20, 2013. Please title them LastName_Reflection1 and Last Name_Reflection2. I will be providing you with feedback over the winter break
  • Spring 2014 Student Teaching Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, January 9, 2014, from 9:00am-3:00pm, at Marshalltown AEA 267: 909 South 12th Street, Marshalltown, IA, 50158. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to this location and use your GPS or GoogleMaps if you are not familiar with Marshalltown, this building can be tricky to find. The orientation schedule is attached to this email.
    • Please bring the following items with you to orientation--
      • Sack lunch to eat during our working lunch
      • One item for Show & Tell that describes why you want to be a teacher
      • Two-pocket Folder
      • Technology laptop or tablet (if you have it available)
      • Pen/pencil and highlighter
      • Student Teaching Handbook
      • Syllabus previously handed out
      • Your calendar
  • Currently, I am updating the Spring 2014 Student Teaching website that I use throughout the semester please bookmark this site for easy access throughout student teaching, tinyurl.com/msclausen. Here you will find the seminar schedule, all assignments, the Student Teaching Calendar where all observations, seminars, and important dates are posted, and other pertinent information to access during student teaching
  • Seminar Schedule (attached), gives you all of the times/dates and the assignments that are due each week. The electronic version of the Seminar Schedule also gives you all of the hyperlinks and files for the assignments you will need to complete during student teaching. Please be sure to mark your calendars and note when seminar begins at 4:30pm rather than 5:30pm, there are three seminars next semester that have an earlier starting time

Moving forward, if you have any questions please let me know. Over break I can be reached via email at courtney.clausen@uni.edu or on my cell at (712) 389-7475. Have a restful and enjoyable break, I look forward to working with you all in the upcoming semester!

Thank you,