My name is Joshua Mitchell and this is my ePortfolio! This site contains artifacts that are representative of my work in the Instructional Technology master's program at the University of Northern Iowa.

 I decided to pursue a masters degree in Instructional Technology to better understand how technology is used in support of digital learning. I was able to achieve the following learning goals:
  • To learn about current trends in the field of instructional technology and the impact on student learning.
  • To gain the experience and expertise necessary to design and deliver effective distance learning courses.
  • To develop the technical skills necessary to support educators with the use of technology.
  • To learn to identify and implement appropriate technology in support of a specific learning requirement.
  • To collaborate with my colleagues and classmates.

As an individual planning to work in the area of Instructional Technology, I have had the opportunity to assist and teach courses that pertain to a more instructional basis. Through this masters program, my philosophy of education has changed dramatically from a view in which information is presented by the instructor and students memorize, to a view of education that is participatory and individualized. The following are statements are associated with effective learning environments:

  • Instructional design plays a critical role in the development of effective learning environments. It is the systematic development of instructional specifications using learning and instructional theory to ensure the quality of instruction.  
  • Educational delivery systems should be designed to meet clearly stated learning needs and goals.
  • Higher order thinking skills should be targeted using Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide/reference.
  • Education should be accessible to all and should accommodate all learning styles.
  • Education is more than learning a specific skill, it is the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Technology is transforming education.
  • Quality in online educational materials is essential and can be accomplished by adhering to established best practices and standards.
  • Effective instructors embrace innovation and change.