Hello and welcome to the international zoo global collaboration project! By navigating through the tabs on the left, you will find all of the information and resources you need to incorporate a global collaboration project about animals from around the world into your very own classroom. 

This project will allow your students to work with other students outside of your classroom to learn about and compare animals from around the world. Each student will work with a global partner to research animals native to his or her partner's home. After each student has chosen an animal, the pairs will work together to collect information about each animal and display the information in a project of their choice. All of the students' projects will then be collected into an international class zoo! This collaborative project will allow the students to use technology to learn about animals - and people! - from around the world.

Main Topic: Living Organisms (Animals)
Intended Grade Level: 3rd Grade
Subject Areas: Science, Literacy, 21st Century Skills
Duration: Approximately 2 weeks