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We remember learning about the human body systems by reading the textbook, filling out worksheets, and taking a cumulative test to assess what we learned. However, learning about the human body can be much more authentic and engaging for students! By the end of our 
PBL, the fifth graders will have learned about the human body systems, investigated the ways in which the health of one system can be promoted, created an implementation plan for a school-wide project to improve the awareness and health of that body system, and presented their plan to a public audience. In addition, students will learn about and use various forms of technology in their work with this project, triggering higher-order thinking skills and prompting the use of 21st century skills. This three-week project expands the learning experience beyond the classroom and provides an authentic, engaging alternative to the typical textbook-and-test approach through real-world application.

Main Topic: Human Body Systems
Intended Grade Level: 5th grade
Subject Areas: Science, Literacy, 21st Century Skills
Standards: See "Standards, Goals, and Objectives," in sidebar
Duration: Approximately three weeks

To view our complete PBL description on one document, click here to download the Google Doc.