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MODULE 4: Making the Sale (The Sales Process)

Welcome to the fourth module in the WINEHOST tasting room training program for North Carolina wineries. For tasting room staff the whole idea is to help guide the guest through the decision making process which will lead them to (hopefully) purchase wine and other products from the winery. The good news for you is that they are already half way through the process when they step foot in the winery. In some way, the most difficult part of the sales process (making the guest aware of your winery) has already been accomplished. If the guest has taken the time and effort to visit your tasting room, then they are primed and ready to make a purchase. Most of your guests will not be from the local area, thus they are tourists. It is estimated that 80% of your guests will be tourists (Byrd, Canziani, Hsieh, & Debbage, 2012). This means (on average) that they have traveled at least an hour to visit you. Your job now is to help them through the decision process to select what will best meet their needs and wants.

In this fourth module of the WINEHOST, you will find three learning sections, each with a separate learning goal. You should work through them, one section at a time, moving in the order of the sections are listed. The three sections are as follows and you can access each section by clicking on the following links: