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MODULE 3: The Art of Story Telling (Wine and Winery Knowledge and Communication)

Welcome to the third module in the WINEHOST tasting room training program for North Carolina wineries. Every winery and wine has a story and many guests come to the winery to learn about wine, the winery and the area. As a winery tasting room professional, you are the main delivery vehicle (story teller) of this information. Remember, you are a direct ambassador of the brand and the company and are expected to provide exceptional customer service (which includes communicating the story of the wine and winery) to all visitors during the length of their visit to the winery.

In this third module of the WINEHOST, you will find four learning sections, each with a separate learning goal. You should work through them, one section at a time, moving in the order of the sections listed below. The four sections are divided as follows and are accessed each section by clicking on the following links: