Send Instant Messages 

Using Google Talk

Important Note:  Instant Messages that pertain to University business should be retained in accordance with the Electronic Records Retention Policy.  To ensure that your chat sessions are recorded:
  1. Login to your iSpartan account and click Settings in the upper-right corner.
  2. Click the Chat tab.
  3. If it is not selected, click Save chat history and then click the Save Changes button.

Gmail includes Google Talk, a built-in chat gadget that you can use to send and receive instant messages with your colleagues.

Want to hear and see the person you're chatting with? Just install the voice and video chat plugin to start having real conversations right in your Gmail window (see instructions below).

To open the Chat gadget:

Click Chat in the left pane of your Gmail window:

To find a coworker with the Chat gadget:

The Google Talk gadget shows a list of people you've recently communicated with. You can also find a coworker by starting to type his or her name or email address in the Search, add, or invite field. For example:

To start a chat:

Simply point to a user in the list or search results, and then click Chat:

Note that a green dot appears to the left of a contact who is online.

To chat outside of your Mail window:

If you're chatting with someone, you can click the Pop-out arrow to use the Chat gadget outside of your Gmail window:

To set up chat options:

In your Gmail window, click Settings in the upper-right corner, and then click the Chat tab. You'll see options for saving your chat history, voice and video chat, sounds, emoticons, and more.

To install the voice and video chat plug-in:

1. In Gmail, click Settings > Chat.
2. Under Voice and video chat, click Learn more to go to the page on which you can download the voice and video chat plugin: