Conference Program


Thursday, April 7, 2011

6:30-9:00 pm Opening Reception at the Greensboro Historical Museum

Helene Vosters, Thursday, April 7 installment of Impact Afghanistan War
Donna Baldwin-Bradby and students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, excerpts from Suzan-Lori Parks' The American Play
7:30 pm
Welcome and Introduction: Robert C. Hansen, Associate Dean,
College of Arts and Sciences, UNCG
KEYNOTE: Randy Martin
"Contested Publics and the Kinesthetics of Memory"


Friday, April 8, 2011 


8:00-9:45       Intermediate Dance Class taught by members of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance
                      Company, Dance Theatre, Dance Building. Observers welcome, but limited to the first
                      50 to arrive.      
8:30-9:00       Coffee - Music Building Recital Hall Lobby
9:00-6:00       Continuous showings of digital media, Music 235 (9:00-11:00), Music 223 (1:30-6:00)
                       Helene Vosters, Friday, April 8 installment of Impact Afghanistan War
10:00-11:45    Advanced Dance Class taught by members of the Bill T Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company
                       Dance Theatre, Dance Building. Observers welcome, but limited to the first
                      50 to arrive.   
Session I         Negotiations of Legacy - Music 223
9:00-10:15      Moderator: James Revell Carr, Ethnomusicology, UNCG
                         Alexander, Bryant Keith - "Standing in the Wake: A Performative Exercise of Critical Memory
                          in/as Eulogy" 
                          Douglas, Gavin - "Policies for Forgetting, Protests for Remembrance: Music and
                                   the Negotiation of History in Burma/Myanmar"
                          Guthrie, Tom - "Negotiating Identity and Difference Through Public History and Art in 
                          New Mexico"  
                       The Materiality of Spectacle - Music 226
                       Moderator: Sarah Cervenak, Women's and Gender Studies and African American Studies,                                  UNCG

Samli, Ayla - "Tight Pants, Big Hair, and Gem Sweaters: Leslie Hall's Bedazzling of Midwestern Memories with Hip Hop"

Canino, Andrew - "Spectaculus Romanis"

Salehi, Mitra - "Steampunk: What to Wear to the Future that Never Was, Or 'We Other, Other Victorians'"


                        Private Memory and Public Discourse in Bill T. Jones’s Chapel/Chapter: Empathy, 

                        Medium and Experience  - Music 233
                        Moderator: Jill Green, Dance and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG
                            Foshay, Elisa - "The Media and Messages of Chapel/Chapter"

 Bramham, Lindsey - "Experiencing Chapel/ Chapter"

 Murphy, Denise -"Troubling Empathy Through Bill T. Jones's Chapel/Chapter"


Session II         Reconstituting Institutional Memories - Music 223

10:30-11:45     Moderator: Shira Schwartz, York University
                           Bouchard, Danielle - "Democracy, Violence, and the University's Public"

Lavender, Larry - "The Presence and Memory of Sociographic and Undifferentiated Performances"

   Hart, Carrie - "Framing the Gaze:  Feminist Spectatorship in WGS Classrooms"


Unsettling Memories: Feminism in Theatre - Music 226
Moderator: Lauren Zawistowski, Theatre and Film, Bowling Green State University
    Muchmore, Kate - "Destabilizing Gender Roles in Early American Drama"

    Robinson, Mary - "Going Bananas: The Masked Monkey Business of Guerilla Girls on


    Woodworth, Christine - "Safe on the Other Side Here: Sarah Kane and the Dea(r)th of



Manifesting Memories - Music 233
Moderator: Gwen Hunnicutt, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG
    Jordan, Amy - "'Honour the Burnt Cork, be a Vaudeville Man'; Performing the American
    Dystopia in John Berryman's Dream Songs"
    Vosters, Helene - "Towards a Poetics of Shared Vulnerability: Re-imagining Canadian

    Military Memory"   

    Keathley, Elizabeth - "Music, Gender, Cinema, and the History of the Mexican



Session III        The Naked Truth: Audrey Munson Moves Into the Light - Music 223 
12:00-1:15        Moderator: Sue Stinson, Dance, UNCG

                              Bouchard, Kimberley A. - " Directing Audrey Munson Into the Light"

                              Collen, Robin - "Choreographing Audrey Munson Into the Light"

                              Kuracina, Elaine - "Writing Audrey Munson Into the Light"


                          Between Africa and Hollywood: Constructions of African Other in Film Music -Music 226
                          Moderator: Joan Titus, Musicology, UNCG
   Woodward, Rachyl - "The Constant Gardener: The Role of Film Music to Promote Social
   Justice in Developing Countries"  
   Hock, Cat Keen - "Film Scoring and the Egyptian Other: Considering the Role of Music in 
   the Theatic Substructure of the 1963 Epic Film Cleopatra"
   Davis, Justin - "Disney Genesis: Musical Characterization, Suspension of Disbelief and 
   Misrepresentation of the Cultural Other in The Lion King"
                          Embodied Memorializations Part II: Rehearsing Resistance - Music 233
                          Moderator: Cybelle McFadden, Romance Languages, Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG                              

                              Oliviero, Katie - "Embodied Memory as Resistance?:The Cultural and Political

                              Potentials of Public Memory and Directives to 'Never Forget'"

                              Schwartz Shira - "Ritual as Rehearsal: Mitkvah practices in Orthodox Communities"

                              Quaye, Tiffany - "The Dirt is Still Bloody: The 1979 Greensboro Massacre and the

                              Eradication of Morningside Homes"


Session IV       Processors / Processes of Creation - Music 223
1:30-2:45         Moderator: Tricia Zweier, Kinesiology, UNCG
                             Eden, Xandra - "Mutable Memory: Explorations of Internal and External Memory in                                 Contemporary Visual Art"

                              Billew, Slade - "Re-membering Emotion Memory: Defining the Role of Affective

                              Memory in Actor Training in Light of Cognitive Neuroscience"

                              Gray, Patricia - "Collaboration in the Moment and its Memory: Instincts for Culture



                        Commemorations of Dislocation and Disaster - Music 224
                        Moderator:Gwen Hunnicutt, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG

                               Jaksch, Helen - "The Empty Chair is Not So Empty: Investigating the Absence-Presence

                               of Ghosts in Post-Katrina New Orleans"

                               Devgan, Shruti - "Locating Community in Dislocation: Gendered Commemoration

                               Amongst the Sikh Diaspora in the United States"

                               Carr, James Revell - "Public Memory and the Digitization of the Disaster Song"


                        Memory: Private and Public - Music 226
                        Moderator: Katie Oliviero, Emory University
                               Stinson, Sue - "Private Questioning and Public Memory: Self-reflexive Scholarship in


                               Morris, Anne - "Negotiating the 'Ghost': A Choreographer's Reflection on Shared 


                               Jew, Kimberly - "Putting a Small Town on Stage: Creating Public Art out of Local Letters                                 to the Editor"



Session V       Introduction: Elizabeth Keathley, Historical Musicology and Women's and Gender  
3:00-4:15        Studies, UNCG, Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall
                        KEYNOTE: Eileen M. Hayes, "Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight: Music and the
                        Long Path to Equality" 

Session VI       Historical Boundaries: A Film Installation - Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall

4:30-6:00         Introduction: Gwen Hunnicutt, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG 


                               Hana Iverson and Burkhard Von Harder - "Historical Boundaries: Navigating the Scar"

Readings, Inscriptions, and Compositions of Racial Memory - Music 223
Moderator: Sarah Daynes, Sociology, UNCG

       Ozust, Kelly - "The Emperor Jones: Reading Oppression in Movement"

    Hammond, Lisa -"Inscribing Racial Memory: Textiles in Contemporary Southern          
    Lamb, Earnest - "Up from Slavery: The Trope of Racial Progress in the Works of African 
    American Composers"
                                                                                                                                                 Unmooring Memories: Reinvention, Reappropriation, and Resistance - Music 224
Moderator: Tiffany Quaye, History, UNCG and NC A&T State University

    Balzano, Wanda - "Abigail Child and the Art of Public Memory"

    Zawistowski, Lauren - "From Exotic to Erotic: American Culture's  Unrelenting  
    Memory of Early Mormon Polygamy"
    Cervenak, Sarah - "Revelations in the Cast Off: The Black Radical Art of Leonardo 
Lecture -Performance - Music 111         
Introduction: Tricia Zweier, Kinesiology, UNCG
    Paul Stewart: Piano Ragtime, its characteristics, sources and influences



Welcome, Dean John Deal, School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Authors: Deborah Geis and Eileen M. Hayes
Remarks: Bill T. Jones

8:00 pm               Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company Performance

                            Serenade/The Proposition
                            Post-performance discussion with Bill T. Jones and Company


Saturday, April 9, 2011


8:30-9:00         Coffee - Music Building Recital Hall Lobby
9:00-6:00         Continuous showings of digital media - Music 233 (9:00-6:00)
                        Helene Vosters, Saturday, April 9 installment of Impact Afghanistan War
Session I        Lecture Performance - Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall
9:00-10:15     Introductions: Drew Barker, Triad Stage
                              Janice Perry: Being Derrida (9-9:35)

                         Susan Taylor Lennon: Gardening by Moonlight: Moving through Memory into Memoir



                      Locating Memory in Space and Place - Music 223 
                      Moderator: Ayla Samli, Rice University

                           Pittman, Elizabeth - "The Space of Memory and Nation in Amiri Baraka's Slave


                           Iverson, Hana - "Recollection and Restoration: View from the Balcony"

                           Goldstein Julia - "'Yiddish Shikse' in the Yiddish Rialto: The Neighborhood Playhouse,

                           the Little Theatre Movement, and the Aestheticization of Cultural Otherness"


                      Reframing Cultural Memory from the Borders and the Margins - Music 224 
                      Moderator: Veronica Grossi, Romance Languages, UNCG

                           Geis, Deborah - "The Last Black Man’s Fried Chicken: Food and Memory in Suzan-Lori

                           Parks and Jeff Henderson"

                           Carot, Kathleen - "Transcribing Memory at the Border: Kita Y Fernanda and the

                           Director as Outsider" 

                           Rinner, Susanne - "Screaming Silence: Remembering and Forgetting Race in Volker

                           Schlondorff's The Legend of Rita"
                      Troubling Memory in Theatre and Music - Music 226 
                      Moderator: Petagay Letren, Dance, UNCG

                          Toomey, Margaret - "The Art of Feminist Design: Troubling the Traditions of 

      Theatrical Design"                 
      Allen, Veronica - "La Musica y La Mujer: The Connection Between Drugs, Women          and Narcocorridos in Mexico"
                          Van Meter, Derrick - "The Aesthetic Development of Eugene Lee: A Study in
                      Lecture Performance - Music 110 
                      Moderator: Beth Walker, Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG
                           Marie Alonzo Snyder: Ladies Styling and Men’s shines: sexuality and surrendering    
                           the body in Latin salsa (9-9:35)

                           Bonnie Morris: Revenge of the Women's Studies Professor (9:40 10:15)


                      Informal showings and discussions with artists, Dance Theatre (9-12)
                                    Introductions and Discussion: Larry Lavender, Dance, UNCG

                            Emily J. Morgan: Braced (2)

                            Melissa Croushorn: “I’m from a Small Town in Southwestern Virginia”

                            J. Michael Bestul: The Latter-Day Adventures of Romulus and Remus

                            Tori Lawrence, Source 

                            Rose Pasquarello Beauchamp: Moving Into Action


Session II       Staged Reading – Lecture/Performance - Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall

10:30-11:45    Introductions: Mitra Salehi, independent artist/scholar, Greensboro, NC
                            Christine Toy Johnson: Tanforan, a staged reading of a short play (10:30-11:05)

                            Margo Lukens & William Yellow Robe:  Memory and Amnesia: Consumer Culture

                            Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry (11:10-11:45)              


                      Memorializing Historic Conflicts - Music 223 
                      Moderator: Julia Goldstein, CUNY Graduate Center

                             Bennett, Rachel - "Staging Auschwitz: Transforming Personal Trauma into Public


                             Brizzell-Bates, Cynthia - "The Astor Place Riot and Modern Memory"

                             Moore, Isabell - "Subversives to Heroes: Race, Gender, Citizenship, Media and

                             Memory in Representations of the Greensboro Sit-Ins, 1960-1980"


                      Contested Memories in Performance - Music 224 
                      Moderator: Gwen Hunnicutt, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG
                             Johnson, John-David - "The Stage Irishman as Hate Speech: Approaches to  
                             Linguistic Injury in Irish Theatre"                                                                      
                             Schultz, Marianne- "See What the Trained Maori Can Do: Cultural Hybridity, the 
                             Rev.Frederick Augustus Bennett and the 1908 tour of the Rotorua Maori  
                             Holdridge, Jeff - "Land Under Wave: Memory and Myth in Irish Literature"


                      Excavating Performative Memories - Music 226 
                      Moderator: B Slade Billew, Theatre and Film, Bowling Green State University
                             Vohwinkel, Kaitlyn - "Lilian Hellman: Liar or Liberator of the Truth"
                             Blackston, Dylan McCarthy - "Not What You See and Hear: Ez Heeb Performance


                             Barker, Drew - "Finding the Iguana in the Menagerie: Memory within Play and


                           Lecture/Performance - Music, Organ Hall
                           Introduction: Carole Lindsey-Potter, Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG 
                                   Steve Willis and Beth Ritson - Dorothy Kilgallen: A One-Woman Play in Progress
                           Workshop - Music 110 
                           Introduction: Peggy Letren, Dance, UNCG
                                   Shannon Wong Lerner - "No One Hurts You More Than S/Mother': Luce Iragaray and
                                               the Hysterical Diva" 
                           Performance - Dance Studio 322 
                           Moderator: Sue Stinson, Dance, UNCG

                        Jan Bolwell- Here's Hilda!


11:45-1:30          Performance-Dance Project
                                 Caitlin M. Spencer: "re-memorying with you, by myself: presence-ing memories in                                   public." Music Building hallway. Initial performance 11:45-1:30, with ongoing 
                                 installation available  as site of memories of the conference in public, for/by/with   
                                any person of the public.


Session III        Video Documentary and Solo Performance - Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall

12:00-1:15        Introductions: Michael Frierson, Media Studies, UNCG
                                  Mary Lopez - Honest, Abe (12-12:35)
                                  Matthew Farmer: Millstones (12:40-1:15)
The Scottsboro Boys: A Comparative and Collective Analysis of the Recent Broadway Musical Considering Genre, Creation, and Reception - Music 223 
Moderator: Bob Hansen, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, UNCG

                                  Gelles, Barrie - "Telling the Story their Way: The Role of Authorship, Devices, and

                                  Constructs in Broadway Musicals and The Scottsboro Boys"

                                  Breaux, Shane - "Reconstruction and Subversion on Broadway with The Scottsboro


                                  Frederich, Allison - "The Scottsboro Boys as Modern Lynching Play"


                          Public in Performance / Performance in Public - Music 224

                                  Sabo, Linda - "Romanticism versus Realism or choosing how things should be over the

                                  way they are"

                                  Powell, Allison - "The People's Theatre: The Living Newspaper and Political

                                  Community Theatre"

                                  LoMonaco, Marti - "History, Memory, and the Performing Public"


                          Embodied Memorializations II: Lenses of Inquiry - Music 226 
                          Moderator: Carole Lindsey-Potter, Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG

                                  Brookoff, Matthew - "(Re)contructing History: Reading Petipa through Balanchine"

                                  Roberts, Andrea  - "From the Village to the Opera House: A Personal Dance Journey

                                  Through the World of the Russian Peasant Wedding"

                                  Alterowitz, Gretchen - "Ballet Bodies/Public Bodies: Vision of an Ideal"


                            Performance Lecture - Music 110
                                      Introduction:  Petagay Letren, Dance, UNCG

                                  Bonnie Eckard and Maria Porter: "Crafting Public Memory I: The Space Inside"


                            Lecture-Recital - Music, Organ Hall
                                     Introduction: Beth Walker, Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG

                                  Andrew Willis: "Remembering the Inaudible: Toward an Authentic Chopin"


                            Lecture-Workshop - Dance Studio 322
                            Introduction: Tricia Zweier, Kinesiology, UNCG

                                  Denise Gabriel: Meeting Your Senses: Embodying Performance


Session IV       LUNCH

Donna Baldwin-Bradby and students from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, excerpts from Suzan-Lori Parks' The America Play - in front of Taylor Theatre


Session V      Introduction: Christine Woodworth, Theatre and Women's and Gender Studies , UNCG


                         KEYNOTE    Suzan-Lori Parks            


Session VI           Re-membering Masculinity:  War in Modern Man’s Memory - Music 217, Collins
                            Lecture Hall
4:15-5:45            Moderator: Shannon Wong Lerner, UNC, Chapel Hill
                                  Witzig, Denise - "Mourning Masculinity: Mad Men, Memory and Melancholia"

                                  Masciarotte, Gloria-Jean - "U.S. Nationalism and Its Discontents:  Indigenous

                                  Masculinity in the memory of the Greatest Generation"


                           Memory's Rhetoric: Public Commemorative Sites and Artworks - Music 223
                           Moderator: Gwen Hunnicutt, Sociology and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG

                                  Blair, Carole and  Balthrop, V. William  - "Commemorative Mapping: U.S. World War I                                     Monuments in Europe and the Expatriation of Memory"

                                  Biesecker, Barbara A. - "The Rhetoric of the Aesthetic: Ethico-politico

                                  Resubjectivation and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum"             

                                  Kahl, Mary - "Memory, Politics, and the Women's Suffrage Story: An Analysis of the

                                  Discourses of the Women's Rights National Historic Park"


                            Resistance and Rebellion: Visual Depictions of Iconoclasts - Music 226
                                     Moderator: Mitra Salehi, independent artist/scholar, Greensboro, NC

                                  Kácsor, Adrienn - "Facing Our Difficult Heritage: The Memory of Communism

                                  Represented in Artworks in Post-Communist Hungary"

                                  Oakley, Eric - "The Meteor: Domestic Terrorism, American Memory and the Curious

                                  Career of John Brown"

                                  Williams, Maggy - "The Role of Public Memory in Imagining American Identity 

                                  through Civil Rights Photographs"
                                              Winer, Samantha Denise - "The Art of Propaganda: The Realities of Combat Fatigue in

                                  World War II"


                            Lecture Demonstration - Music 110
                                       Introduction:  Petagay Letren, Dance, UNCG 
                                  Bonnie Eckard and Maria Porter: Crafting Public Memory II
                            Lecture/Performance - Dance Studio 322
                            Introduction: Brianna Taylor, Dance, UNCG
       Folawole(.org)  Live Encounters San Francisco and SF, I don't want your purse
     Madeleine Reber & Amy Beasley: An Unfolding of Miscalculations
      Melanie Greene: La Madame Jaune
     Cadence Whittier: Spin: Embodying Political Discourse
      Khary Jackson: Dancing Through History: The Body Speaks Back

     Melissa Pihos: Dear Dad

     Duane Cyrus: Middle Passage: Traveler Part I




     J. Kent Williams: "Reprising the Feeling: City Songs by Vernon Duke"
        Polly Butler Cornelius, soprano
     Philip Van Lidth de Jeude, tenor
     James Douglass, piano.

(Ticket - $9.00 if purchases with registration) 


Sunday, April 10, 2011


8:30-9:00            Coffee - Music Building Recital Hall Lobby


Session I             Workshop - Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall

9:00-10:15           Introduction: Drew Barker, Triad Stage
                                   Janet Allard: Whose/Who's Lincoln?


                            Workshop - Music 221

                            Introduction: Ann Dils, Dance and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG
                                   Lauren W. Kearns: We Dance/We Remember: An Autobiographical Dance-Making and

                                   Writing Tool to Invoke Personal and Public Memory


Session II             Performative Geneologies of Bill T. Jones - Music 217, Collins Lecture Hall

10:30-11:45           Moderator: Ann Dils, Dance and Women's and Gender Studies, UNCG                                      
                                   Archer, Lindsey -"Traversing the Pathway of Pain in Bill T. Jones’ Still/Here"

                                   Maples, Holly - "Brother Abraham! : Performing Experimental Democracy in Bill T.   

                                   Jones's Lincoln Project"             

                                   Discussion of Serenade/ The Proposition