Welcome to my humble webpage.

I don't really do social media---the days are short when you have kids and write books---but I do hang out at Goodreads if you're curious to see what I'm reading or have any good non-fiction books to recommend.

Speaking of writing books, the second edition of How to Write A Lot was released in September, 2018. I added a chapter, rewrote several older ones from scratch, uncorked a few more rants about specious barriers to writing a lot, and added even more inane and distracting jokes about pets.

My current writing schedule is every weekday from 8:45 am to 10 am, give or take a bit, in a top-secret and slightly mortifying location.

The UNCG Agraphia group is off for the break; stay tuned for the Spring semester's new times. Faculty and post-docs are invited to drop in, set some goals, and face the piercing stares of the hardened writing desperadoes who attend Agraphia.

POTENTIAL GRADUATE STUDENTS: I'm not admitting PhD students to start in the 2019-2020 academic year.