Welcome to my humble webpage.

I don't really do social media---the days are short when you have kids and write books---but I do hang out at Goodreads if you're curious to see what I'm reading or have any good non-fiction books to recommend.

Speaking of writing books, the second edition of How to Write A Lot was released in September, 2018. I added a chapter, rewrote several older ones from scratch, uncorked a few more rants about specious barriers to writing a lot, and added even more inane and distracting jokes about pets.

My current writing schedule is every weekday from 7:50 am to 9:30 am, give or take a bit, in a top-secret and slightly rumpled location.

The Fall 2018 Agraphia group meets at 3 pm each Wednesday at Tate Street Coffee. Faculty and post-docs are invited to drop in, set some goals, and face the piercing stares of the hardened writing desperadoes who attend Agraphia.

If you're looking to waste time on the Internet---and if you're reading this, I suspect that you are---I'm the official blogger for the UNCG Psychology Department's quirky "Humans Behaving" blog, and I run an unusually obscure personal blog as well.

POTENTIAL GRADUATE STUDENTS: I'm not admitting PhD students to start in the 2019-2020 academic year.