Welcome to the LMS Study website (archived version, no longer actively being maintained)

The Learning Management System (LMS) Study is has concluded!

UNCG has decided to move to the Canvas LMS, provided by Instructure. 
For information about the implementation project, please visit: courses.uncg.edu

Prior information

UNCG has used Blackboard Learn (Bb) as its Learning Management System (LMS) for a number of years. Bb Learn has served the needs of faculty for distance learning & for other technology-assisted learning & academic support. At the same time, a number of UNCG faculty have expressed concerns regarding some of the characteristics of the Bb product.  Other large campuses, including UNC campuses, have undertaken detailed studies or pilots of alternative LMSs. In November 2012, Provost David Perrin & Vice Chancellor Jim Clotfelter charged the Academic Technology Coordinating Committee (ATCC) with carrying out such a study here at UNCG, with the goal of determining which solution best meets faculty and student needs & what the University can cost-effectively support.

The study is being led by Dr. Robert Hansen, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, with Todd Sutton, Director of Learning Technology, ITS, serving as Technical Advisor.  ITS also will evaluate the impact of potential LMS decisions on other Blackboard, Inc. products being used at UNCG.

Timeline for the project

Jan-Feb 2013: Review of how Bb Learn and Moodle are currently used at UNCG
Mar 2013-Dec 2013: Study of all LMS’s selected by ATCC and selection of top 2 candidates
Jan 2014-May 2014: In depth pilot of top 2 LMS candidates chosen by ATCC
April 30, 2014: ATCC recommendation to Provost Perrin & Vice Chancellor Clotfelter
Fall 2014: If an LMS other than Blackboard Learn is selected, transition to new system begins
Fall 2015:  New LMS operational

LMS Study Status

The LMS Study team originally identified six LMS products – Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Moodle, OpenClass and Sakai – and has conducted demonstrations and presentations for the ATCC .  Of these six products, the ATCC selected Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn and OpenClass to move forward in the process. 

As of November 19th, three candidates remained (Blackboard, Canvas and Desire2Learn). Evaluation environments were prepared for volunteer and select faculty for full testing in the Spring 2014 semester. These environments are in active use now by those volunteer and selected faculty. There are approximately 70 total courses being taught via the Desire2Learn or Canvas for Spring 2014.

A recommendation will be made by the ATCC to Provost Perrin & Vice Chancellor Clotfelter on April 30th, 2014.

Vendor Presentations: Watch Online Now

Vendor presentations for the selected LMSs were held in August and September, and were open to anyone at UNCG. Recordings of the presentations are linked below.
As more information about the LMS study becomes available, it will be posted on the ITS News site and this website whenever possible.
Things to do right now
  • Watch the video from the March 19th Faculty Senate forum:

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